HP of sandwiches

  • BerserkerA3

    BerserkerA3 - 2007-06-29


    I thought about the HP of sandwiches and I think it is too low. See:

    For a sanwich you need 2 cheese, 1 ham and 1 bread.

    2 cheese = 2x 20 HP => 40 HP
    1 ham => 80 HP
    1 bread => 40 HP

    All in all that is 160 HP. But a sandwich has only 120 HP. So I think the HP of sandwiches should be more, 160 HP or better more, because you also need much time to make sandwiches.

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      Well, sandwiches heal more and faster, but I think it is a fair complain, you should post at features requests.



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