• Nobody/Anonymous

    I was seeing the code and want to know a little thinks about cobras. What level are sopposed to be? (10 I imagine).
    Then where will be in the map? Will be a lot together, a lot not together, or a few ones?
    Only asks this becouse if they aren't far of the city, most players with level 0 will go there and kill one with... 5 non-critical hits and get 172XP for each one and the cobra needs 5 critical hits to kill any player.
    Is only an idea but i will put the cobras in a little room (5x5 or 6x6) where was impossible 1vs1 and far from beggining (on top of a castle or in a little dungeon_002) where only can access leveled up players who 172XP wasn't soppossed to be a lot :P

    Expecting for the cobras, Smurfie :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I want to rebalance game. ( 0.40 ).
      And I want to add something to avoid players to simply run away of monsters...

      Perhaps players will increase it speed when they level up, and the biggest the level the faster the monster.

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-07-02

      well cobras sound cool.  I was thinking of cobras curled up initially.  When player enters thier zone they begin to stand up.  Eventually they will begin to straighten out somewhat  (snakes tend to do that "S" shimmy thing) and start to sliver toward player.  When directly ajacent to player and striking they are again standing up and head moves (they may or may not be coiled at this point, at least in my imagination.

      Snake charmer class might be fun.  They would have to get basket, then catch snake and carry it around in basket.  They will also need flute to get snake to come out of basket and be able to play it with some amount of talent to use it.  (And when they use it the snake charmer song plays.  hookey. heh.)



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