Level 600 creature :)

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2009-05-06

    Do you think there should be a Level 600 boss? Something to challenge the very top level players. Ok, so gashadokuro and dark archangel is hard but I'm thinking a level 600 creature could be really unkillable alone, so you have to be in a team to kill it.

    Or do we already have enough boss monsters in the game?

    If you think we should have a level 600 creature, what should it look like? how big? does anyone want to have a go at drawing one or looking on charas-project for an image?

    (if you do want to help with artwork, be sure to check the specifications at http://stendhal.game-host.org/wiki/index.php/StendhalRefactoringGraphics#Creatures_and_items

    If you don't understand what's there just ask here before you start drawing or looking for an image, we will answer.

    • Kevin wegga

      Kevin wegga - 2009-05-07

      mhm i think if level 597 is maximum, there shouldn´t be a creature with level 600..
      i think we need more high level bosses of these levels which are already there! so maybe 2 or 3 golden death, 2 or 3 dark archangel... and so on.. couse the daily mayor task is annoying if you every day get the same and there is only one of them and you have to wait for days until you get one...

      so, duplicate the existing ones and everything is fine :D

      greets Dino

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-05-07

      max level used to be 99 and the black dragon was level 100. max level is for players not creatures ;)

      i'm not sure that adding more of the golden or daa is appropriate. and the mayor task is meant to be hard, you get a HUGE reward for it.

    • Kevin wegga

      Kevin wegga - 2009-05-08

      the reward of the kirdneh task is much higher.. and its at the most time easier to complete this one as the daily monster task :D

    • Lazarus Lead

      Lazarus Lead - 2009-06-08

      Ok i was thinking for a while bout this.

      Should it be chaotic like other creatures.

      Atually i was more like thinking of making whole race about this guy so ....

      Here is image well i could make alot better if you tell me what to make.

    • Yenal

      Yenal - 2009-06-11

      just my two cents:

      why not make it lvl 666, call it "The Beast" and put it somewhere like on a "2nd hell floor" :)


  • Ford Carry

    Ford Carry - 2010-05-13

    specifiable blordrough a creature would be an appropriate level for the 550, because according to the story blordrough are threatening the cities mentioned there

  • Martin Provo

    Martin Provo - 2012-06-11

    I think it would be more fun to have a new monsters being spinoff's of popular mythological creatures, then new "presence"/deity type of monsters (like Archangels and such.)

    So maybe in some remote area hard to get to, have a giant Land Kraken or something.  Also another interesting thing to take into account perhaps.  Bigger isn't always better.  It might make it and interesting thing if a creature isn't terrifyingly huge.   Kind of along the lines of how let's say you'd have Shaq (if he was fiercer, and even more terrifying!) and Bruce Lee (more innocuous and inconspicuous), yet Lee is the most dangerous one in comparison.  It could make an interesting spin on things.

    But other then that, making use of some of the unique creature ideas and adding spins to it would be interesting.  There could even be an option even to take on a creature at sea, so you get on a ship and when you're out on the water, the creature circles around and will get close to attack and while having options for hand-to-hand combat, it utilizes ranged weapons more.  Maybe the body of a giant crab, with multiple heads like the Hydra.

    Another idea for a monster would be a "The Wicked Worm Beast" type thing inspired from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card.  It's a pretty funny/cool card.  You can just google search it's name and an image of it will pop up.

  • tigertoes

    tigertoes - 2012-09-05

    i was just putzing around and found this… i think my new creature would fit the bill of gummi's 666 :) here is a link for what i have been going for… and the image would be of the ice golem… i have some things i am going to try to come up with an image… this is the creature i want for the circle hole area in -1 semos mine n2 e2 there will be special gems/etc that keep him locked in that area - they will be located in those areas to the north and south where the chaos guys are now… the entrance with be an npc in the middle tunnel area… he will teleport player into the area with the ice golem … doesnt have to be 666 - actually never figured on that high of a lvl for this guy… after all, i want to beat him up too and i dont figure i will ever max out… anyway.. just an idea…



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