Combat question and Dungeon presentation

  • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

    I have created a small dungeon for playing with rats and cave rats.
    It is very simple but it will do the job.

    Here it is a map view:

    There a few rats there, respawn will do the rest. Most of the places can be done by a level 1 player.

    Here it is the map editor:

    I would need help to create another dungeon (bigger) that will be under this one and that will contain even more rats and perhaps Orcs ( does orcs lives in dungeons? ).

    BTW combat system has to be adjusted for 1vsMany situations as the risk of being hitted increases in those situations ( and actual formula doesn't show it ).

    I have tried the new combat system in Stendhal and it does really hurt :)
    Wolf hitted me EVERY turn and I wasn't able to hit it at all.

    Also as suggested I have enabled monsters to level up using the same rules that player (+1 ATK, +1 DEF and +10 HP per level ). Killing a player will report around 10% of XP.
    I am really for disabling player killing for a while...

    We still need to define what happens when a player die. Does any penalty exists? equipment lost?


    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-05-21

      wow, miguel really beating the cr*p out of that rat.

      what is an orc really?

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        I am going to add another dungeon under this one, so I will place orcs there. Still have to get the GFX :)

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-05-22

      You will need tile set with new artwork, one that is not copyrighted, is that correct?

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        We need new tileset, the actual one is usable although no GPL, the author put it on the public domain. ( I take from a RPGMaker webpage ).

        The point on a new tileset would be to have something that is our and it original

        • Sal Z

          Sal Z - 2005-05-25

          Well,if you are looking for some "Copyrifght free" tiles maybe this can be helpful:

          I was working on a map based on the original "zeldish" tiles, then I found that on there is the home page of some of the original RPG maker artists.

          The have released some tileset allowing to anyone to  modify and redistribuite them. They are quite good, too.

          • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

            I will see it.
            As soon as we find a proper tileset the better, because changing later is going to be a pain :(

          • kim purnell

            kim purnell - 2005-05-25

            Thank you for the link salz.  Looks like you just need to mention them as a source in your readme file.

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-05-22

      my friend Lord Ingo and I would like to take on dungeon task.  We are getting him set up with the map editor.  when he tried to start tiled.jar winace tried to open it.  He has downloaded some updates that may help. 

      I have created dungeon design doc
      took me awhile to figure out where to put it.  Its linked under Stendhal Objectives

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        ok, great.
        To fix the jar problem. Choose Open with and choose javaw.exe

        Ok, that's fine place.

        Soon Stendhal map will be huge :)
        I am going to try 256x256 maps to see how fast engine handle them and how big are them for clients.

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-05-23

      Would just modifying existing chipset help facilitate it's use with current maps?  For example keeping the tiles for walls as walls and right corner tile as a right corner. 

      Does Stendhal game use the .tmx files or another graphic file to generate map player sees?

      I apologize because I dont know how the game engine works.  I am not good at understanding programming.  :(

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        Yes, reusing existing helps a lot. But if you need to improve it and it is easier for you to do a new one, just do it. I will fix the rest.

        Yes, save map as tmx
        I will export to correct stendhal format that is unfortunately write only.

    • kim purnell

      kim purnell - 2005-05-31

      Sorry, haven't done anything with dungeon yet.  I'm having trouble getting up with Lord Ingo  (he's a teenager in Sweden).  I think we may have time zone problem. 

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        ok, don't worry.
        I am doing another one.
        We have LOTS of dungeons to do ( I will release in 2-3 days ) an updated version of map editor.



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