Things I would like to see in Stendhal

  • crshawk

    crshawk - 2009-01-04

    Things I would like to see in Stendhal to help it retain players  (including myself).

    The new rules of war favour players in 1:1 combat to monsters, but favour monsters when attacks of 2 or more monsters causing players to avoid areas of high monster density.

    Players are levelling up faster, but playing less.  The new rules favour trading for Items instead of questing for items because there are more high level items available in the game.

    The lure of power can motivate players to invest time to complete quests.  If payers can get better items from quests than killing and trading, then that is what 80% of them will do.


    1)    Add Blue Potion that gives limited invisibility to monsters for a short period of time.
    a.    Small Blue potion    :  1 second of invisibility    :cost     500
    b.    Blue Potion        :  5 seconds of invisibility    :cost   1000
    c.    Greater Blue Potion    :  10 seconds of invisibility    :cost   5000
    d.    Blue Potion        :   30 seconds of invisibility    :cost 10000

    This will give players the illusion of a chance against large hoards of monsters, but without monsters fighting back; players will not increase ATK and DEF exp during invisibility.  

    2)    Add an equipment collector to the game so that all Items can sold and decrease the number of active high level items in game.
    a.    Armour
    Collector gives 1 Karma point for  every DEF point of item
    b.    Weapons
    Collector gives item (ATK/ RATE)^3 Karma point for each item

    3)    Add insane quests that are difficult to obtain, but give unreal items
    Example:  Afterlife Quest
        Player chooses item to quest for:
    a.    Unreal Sword:        ATK: 10   RATE:1   REGEN: .25
    b.    Unreal Armour:    Def: 150  
    Player immune from loosing ATK/DEF/EXP points or items if dies.

    Once item is chosen; player is given an unreal task:
        Return (to afterlife)  with a minimum of 1k hours of play, 10k of  a random stackable item, and at least level 100.

    When player returns to after life, and in luck enough to bring with them the10k of random stackable items; they are warned that the item will cost them dearly asked again if they want the item.  If they accept; they recive the unreal item for the 10k of stackable items, but also return to level 0  (Def, ATK and EXP set back to 0)  Item bound to player, and non transferable.

    • Eryk piotr

      Eryk piotr - 2009-01-04

      This could be that if a game ciekawe.Bo not move forward for example by creating a division in the class to take some time no one in it will no longer be played



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