• Alex Griffiths

    Alex Griffiths - 2010-12-15

    Well I get this error when I run marauroa. " Could not find the main class:Marauora.server.marauroad. Program will exit."
    I have the server and the full download v9.0 What else do I need to run a stendhal server?

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-12-15

    Hey there.
    I think there's a spelling mistake when you run the command as the error message has a spelling mistake for the class it can't find:
    Marauora.server.marauroad   should be

    which explains why it can't find it.

    Please verify that each time marauroa is written, it is spelled correctly. Try copy and paste if this helps.

    If you need further help please don't hesitate to ask, and paste the URL of the guide you are using (or document name, etc)

    Good luck!
    p.s. I find a very useful guide to run the server is [url for windows and for linux



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