If game is restarted what will happen...

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  • PalmMon

    PalmMon - 2007-11-12

    Here are my 2 cents:

    Make a quest involving the top 10 (top 25, top 50... top whatever) players of the pre-reset game, and name them as "Heroes from the Past". I assume all those players have a "favourite place", wich can be defined as the place with the most marked_scrolls in the chests of the player. If a Hero has no marked scrolls, then maybe his favourite place was int_semos_bank, so you can pick a place for him ;o) or ask him directly. Make invisible NPC of each Hero that only appear as phantoms when someone near (really really near) their favourite place calls them. The ghost of the Hero may appear only to the post-reset player that calls him, so if more players are near can't see neither the phrases the ghost says nor the reward. As an extra reward for the pre-reset Heroes, postman or someone could ask each of them what sentence they would like to be THEIR sentence, the one the ghost of the Hero will say when someone finds him. Titanic work, I know :o)

    Yes, the quest is difficult enought to complete, it give you some adventage if you are one of the Heroes and even more if you are friend of some of them but it does not give you real adventage as money or a golden armor would.

    As I can't program nothing more difficult than very easy shell scripts, I can't imagine how difficult is to make a quest like this, but hell, is a really nice one, isn't it?

  • titanium

    titanium - 2008-01-09

    so, has the restart happened yet?  I worked hard for my (measly) level 10, and I don't have too much invested, but I'd like to know so I can be prepared.

    • Hendrik Brummermann

      There will be no reset anytime soon.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2010-11-10

    To clarify: there is now no database reset planned.

    We will of course let you know if anything changes ;)

    The link above doesn't point to the question now because it got categorised ;) See http://stendhalgame.org/wiki/StendhalFAQ#New_Releases
    which says:

    I have read some (old) page about a 'database reset'? Are you going to reset all players to 0?
      A database reset was discussed in early 2007 to simplify migration to a new version of the marauroa infrastructure and introduce a new RP system. The database was migrated to Marauroa 2.0 without any dataloss. The new RP system will not be there as a "big bang" but was developed in small steps. For example training ("camping") was something that was required in the past but is optional now. Low level players get a penalty when using items designed for high level players. No database reset was required for these changes. While we are still working on improving the RP system even more, there is no database reset planned.

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