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  • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

    If Stendhal is reseted to the begin what do you think that should happens with old players?.
    Should we keep them? Should we give them character points to spend on a new character? Should we give them a reward?

    Your opinion is very important.

    • Athana

      Athana - 2007-03-19

      Yes! Maybe a golden item for every 10 millions XP. Or 10k(10000)money for every 10million XP. Or 50 greater potions. Or that stuff from "Golden Crown for Heroes and Rebirth!" at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1572897&group_id=1111&atid=351111 or "Stendhal: Golden Crown? or Magic Power?" from http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1592373&group_id=1111&atid=351111
      Any further ideas are welcome :-)

      • BerserkerA3

        BerserkerA3 - 2007-03-20

        Well, with a restart it would may be good and fair that every player begins at the same level again. But I also unterstand that the older players wouldn't like to start again from nothing. Maybe there could be something like a little reward in some level-ups, cash or items, but it should not be to much, because I think the old players will also know the best places to level fast again.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think it would be nice to incorporate some story telling into the changes to the characters, inventory etc. Why has the word been so drastically changed? Did the demon lord make another appearance? Perhaps the  land should become insanely difficult (black dragons etc) a day or two before the release to let people know not all is right with the land.



      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Gosh, now it even seems the reset is a great thing.

        Altho im not into code, I understand the game needs to be developed and undergo some very big structural changes, and i know it's only a beta that we're playing, but i still hope that there'll be some respect to the players, to the effort they put in building their charachters, and to the time they dedicated to play, thus making the game better with their presence and without coding a single line.

        For example the reset could be candy-coated by giving old players a number of points, that could be proportional to their current (lvl + atk + def) points, to invest in the new attributes that i assume will be implemented. Or, if there's a sudden need for equality, engrave a very detalied hall of fame somewhere in a building's wall or on a rock, and let it be there for the show, so we can go there and take solace from intensely watching it when we'll be lvl 0 again. It could even be a true graveyard, like if dragons came (like qleak said) and killed all and everything, and life had to be restarted from scratch =)

        One thing that got me puzzled is the "over 10 million xp prize" that was suggested. Why such a treshold? It's totally arbitrary and all i know is that _ten_ people would benefit from it. Another thing that bothers me to a good extent is that so few players seem to know about the possibility of a reset, for they dont check the wiki or sf. Does anybody think that spreading this knowledge ingame would cause riots?

        Personally, i let it be known that im the pragmatic type of player that curses and says goodbye after a reset that is poorly done or unmotivated. It's like, you have a gf, you _really_ like her, spend a lot of time with her, make projects with her, then she betrays you. You might not wanna even talk with her again, right? ;)

        You can currently find me as "vesper" in the game and im usually nicer than this.

        • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

          Hi Vesper,

          Reset will make Stendhal a more fun game. :) So it will be (when it happen) a good thing at the end.
          But I am with you that it also means a big lost for most of us to say bye to our characters. ( I also play as a common character in server :P )

          It is because we respect players' creation that this question arise. I want to make it the best possible way so everybody is happy with the way to go.

          I have been thinking about both options too:
          - More points to create the new character.
          - A burial field with name, outfit and a last phrase for the eternity.

          About telling to players, it is ok to tell.
          I will publish it at webpage when we are nearer. We are right now around 2 months far to even consider reset. But it is whatever thing but a secret. Feel free to point them here.

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            Hello again

            after some weeks of meditations, and conversations with other players, i'm back here with my amended 2 cents on the subject.

            I will certainly play after the reset, obviously with an effort that will depend on how well i'll feel me and my fellow players will have been treated in the reset process. I think it makes sense.

            What i think is:

            -- if there's a reward, it should be something that is either:
                 - very useful
                 - with a very high memorial value.
               Stuff like scaled down xp or very few additional points to build the new charachter only make a good player feel like s/he's been taken for a fool, for it is something any player can achieve in relatively little time anyway. A non-memorial reward should, imho, have a real and long term value, not be fools' gold.
               I can bring an example: golden boots have def 8. A reasonable thing could be to give to the last player in the hall of fame boots with 9 def; then, higher ranked players would get prize-boots with higher defence, proportionally to the player's level. I dont know if it can be actually implemented, but it's just one good example of what would be an useful (and well deserved) item. Does anybody really think that something like this would be unfair??
               Instead, if the choice is to do smthg that has memorial value, then i'd like the graveyard idea. I suggest that the stats (atk, def, lvl) be engraved along with the name and outfit, since RPG players usually love numbers and their stats especially. I could try and create a graveyard map and submit it, why not.

            -- second and last bullet is about the equality that the reset is supposed to bring. Even after the reset, at any given time there will be new players and expericenced players, there'll also be people with a lot of free time on their hands and people that can play once a month. "After DB reset everybody will have same opportunities" is a sentence that holds for the first 30 seconds of post-reset Stendhal. Bluntly said, should we expect periodic resets?
              Pretty much the same thing with items and their reset. Old players are all suited up in gold, very old players even have cloaks that i never saw outside of the wiki, but could they level up in the devil queen area? could they use vampire sword in crowded dungeons? And what with all the developements, the new areas and items that will be in future but arent avaliable now? I think that one should be very careful before bringing the word "equality" into the subject, and thus also into the "rewards" part.

            If i sound demanding it is becasue much of the satisfaction i get from this game is from the charachter i've been playing, for i am not a pure-coder or a player-coder guy that maybe doesnt even play much anymore. So i ask you to be close to the players' base (i get private messages from level 30s people that are just as pissed as level 80s, if not more. I'll go as far as saying that i think i represent quite a lot of people in Stendhal, who dont read the wiki, let alone post in SF forums. Btw there's still nothing ingame that directly mentiones the reset). Thus, please dont be too idealistic about the reset, keep us happy and hand out good, good, good rewards, for they can be good and fair at the same time.


    • Jose Luis Cabello

      I'm with BerserkerA3 and qleak.

      IMHO the only reward for the high lvls should be a memorial item or somethin that not represent an advantage.

      As i said, after BD reset.. all will be start from the same place.. with the same opportunities..

      I recommend this article about the BD resets in MMORPG: http://www.devmaster.net/articles/mmorpg-postmortem/part3.php

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      May I just ask, Whats the definition of "old" players, this isn't said in this posting?

      Old players are those with insanely high XP?
      Old Players are those with the most server "play" time
      Old players that are in the database, and haven't played for x period of time?

      the 1st 2 are "current players"  All players should be treated as equals, why should the high XP players get extra "bonuses" for playing 3 days straight, or loosing sleep to get to those positions, restart the player DB and they will try again (Athana(s)?)

      The 3rd is the one I would be more concerned about, those players that joined and played for say 10 mins 12 months ago should be culled.

      When you join the game, your asked for a valid E-mail address, my not use that collected E-mail address and post a "Player deletion" warning, and if its not acted upon within a certain period of time, that player ceases to exist, those deletions are not advertised, so no one jumps in and just takes that player name "just cause its now available" but its available for a new player to use as they wish ;o)

      Miguel warned the community long ago that the player DB will be reset, this is long before 0.40 and being stuck on lvl 50 for a long time hasn't worried me, I have been able to do as I always wanted with the game, thats to test the playability of it, as I said before, I'm no coder, and cannot paint/gfx, but I'm a happy to be a beta tester.
      I wouldn't care if I had struggled to lvl 99 or took the easy way and "used" glitches in the game to get me there, I have had over a million coins, I have wandered levels that came to being before the population explosion of monsters, and I will do it again, from lvl 50 or lvl 0. the game is improving all the time, and the life of the game has become something real ;o)

      Imagining what it will be like meeting Danter's little White Razor-Rats again from a lower level ;o)

      All I can say is BRING IT ON :D

      SnakeTails ;o)

    • BerserkerA3

      BerserkerA3 - 2007-03-21

      "but I'm a happy to be a beta tester"

      That I think is a good reason, why there should be a complete DB reset. Stendhal is also in my opinion just in beta status and not yet a fully completed game. So every player should know that there will come changes and this can also mean a DB reset.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      For the record I'm not against giving returning players a very modest bonus. I just think that the loss will be more easily taken if it is plot motivated. The key here is we want to retain players right?

      All the best,


    • BerserkerA3

      BerserkerA3 - 2007-03-28

      "- More points to create the new character."

      Maybe we could talk about a highest level an old player should be. So if we have the highest level, the players that have at the reset the highest level will get the experience of that level and the levels under them get it proportional.


      Highest level after reset: 20 = 70900 XP

      So the players with the highest level at the moment of the reset get those 70900 XP and the others proportional. So a player with the half level of the highest players at the moment of the reset gets just 35450 XP, etc.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      if the old players are humans and the new are a other race then the old can have the same lvl but thry cant be mage and so and the old are on http://stendhal.game-host.org/ and the new in a other list then the old players can be heigh lvl and the some want to be mage can be that

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      if the old are the old player name and the new only player


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      if u look at me it comes u see the old player enero and if i lok at danter it comes u see the old player danter...

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2007-04-09

      Even as a high level player I see no problem with a database reset. I really welcome the chance to start from 0 again. It is fairer on everyone because levelling up is now more difficult, with the new DM rules.

      Also the creatures and quests in game are not suited to players with level 100+. They were written at a time when it was not expected that players would level up so fast. With the new rules, players will levels up at a rate which is what the quests and creatures were written for.

      Finally the quest rewards are a consideration: many high level players have a full set of gold armor, from the days when you could trade them. It's not fair on the new players who can only hope to get a few gold pieces. Some players even have black dragon cloaks from when the DM creatures dropped them. In my opinion, now is the time to straighten out these imbalances.

      Everyone knows Stendhal is a beta game, and we have been testing from 0.30 up to 0.59. Sure, a lot of time went into levelling up and playing the game, so perhaps a small reward dependent upon level would be a good idea. Perhaps anyone on the Hall of Fame (i.e. level 40 +, roughly) could get a special item (again perhaps this could depend on level, with 40-60 getting 1 thing, then 60-80, 80-100, 100+ ?)

      Even with no reward for old players, I am happy with database reset. I just love playing.

      Ok, that's enough from me. Thanks for reading.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      and if the old players plays at "server old" and the who want 0.60 plays on "server new" then the old can play on the "old server" and have the old xp and if they want to play 0.60 they go  to the "new server"

      i know a lot of peopel how say that they stop playing stendhal

      but if u dont MUST go and restart lvling they onely can think oh now i will test 0.60 and start playing it to

      then dont thenew players think ooh why i dont play stendhal for 1 year then i get a golden thing :(

    • timothyb89

      timothyb89 - 2007-04-16

      I think that it might not be a bad idea to have a backup server (hosted by someone else or something) for about a month after the DB reset so players can do what they want to finish up however they feel necessary (leveling down, etc, etc...) to maybe make it seem 'more normal' to them after the reset or something like that.

      On another note I think it's about time we had more servers. Maybe an Americas server a a Europe server. I'm live in the US and the main server is pretty laggy for me (I mention this because if wedo use my previous idea we could use the server (afterward) for this).

      And with Marauroa 2.0 I *think* that we can have web-based interfaces (such as password reset) so we could probably have one to give players back some items (for a price!). Older players (if their age is at least 150 hours or so [And we've only thought about the age of the accounts themselves...]) could 'buy back' their items for maybe 1/2 the price (their character on the new server could be in debt)?  That could keep everyone happy...

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I dont really see while high level players should spend time levelling down their characthers. We arent masochists, i think. If we're forced to lose levels, be it quickly and without unnecessary pain.

        The buy-back thing sounds okay.. i mean, it doesnt make me *happy* at all, but i know and understand that it could get much worse than this :)


    • edi18028

      edi18028 - 2007-08-31

      Left their items, atack and defence in peace.

    • Tinko

      Tinko - 2007-09-22

      At first, i am the player Tinko in the game. atm i am not playing, but i will reenter the game when 0.70 releases. My highest Stats until i let players kill me for XP (cause i did not want to play before 0.70 releases) were about 60. A bit less maybe. I was able to kill the chaos monsters, the dragons, with enough potions the Black Death and i got XP day by day and was looking forward to level 150 to do Balrog Quest and get an extreme Statbonus. After the Stats 40 i started to get higher ATK and DEF very fast. Why? Because of the new raids and the easy Obsidian_Knife-Quest. I got every night of training about 10.000 XP and got stronger and stronger. But even if i would reach 120/120 Stats, it would be worthless. During i write this Message the server uptime is ~74 hours. There are two places, where the Balrog respawns. The Balrog has been killed 16 times. It respawns every 10 hours. That means he respawns and get killed immediately. The only way to kill strong monsters is camping at their respawn place. For what you want to reward the players? For camping and training? Unfortunately its atm the only way to realy get XP and good stats, so it has not that much to do with skill. The XP are not as worthful as they was former. I think there should not be any reward for XP or good stats. Just a memorial item for playtime. No advantage. If they got some skill it will be enough advantage. If they were just top because of unemployment and time to train and camp they should not get an advantage.


      • luca

        luca - 2008-02-01

        regardless of my opinion about db reset..

        you are delusional if you think that unemployment guarantees the top spot, or that ppl on the top spots are unemployed

        it's more about focus, being willing to play, being competitive, not getting bored easily, sometimes giving up free time that could be used otherwise (if you feel like).

        I work 9 hours a day, and IF i want i am able play 10 more hours on the same day. Now ask yourself, if you were totally unemployed, would YOU be able to play 10 hours too?

        You can have a life, a work, and be a top player at the same time (of course the latter being the least important). And those who are better than me can even find the time to contribute to the project. So I dont think that you, or anybody else, have to hide behind excuses.

    • Tinko

      Tinko - 2007-09-22

      have to correct my former awnser. I got XP faster not because of raid, but because of rate. Sorry i am far too tired.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-09-24

      I totally agree with Tinko.

      We all are aware that Stendhal is on beta stage and knew deep in our hearts that this would happen sometime. Keep in mind that the result of this temporary pain is a lot more great game. The new system will rock and get Stendhal to new heights!

      Is a necessary pain pals!

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2007-09-24

      To answer a point raised earlier, only one db reset is planned. We of course do not want reset upon reset. In fact we are bending over backwards to ensure that doesn't happen.

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