Feedback on Galadriel TP3 for Win32

  • Garth Dahlstrom

    Garth Dahlstrom - 2002-06-16

    Stuff that needs to be fixed to smooth the install:

    - compile against msvcp60.dll instead of msvcp60d.dll (debug version of VC6 runtime)

    - compile against msvcrt.dll instead of msvcrtd.dll
    (debug version of VC6 controls runtime?)

    - change server.xml database to 'arianne' from 'arianneserver' since accountManager.exe is expecting to find the users table there (is this hardcoded in accountManager perhaps?)

    - delete username and password from server.xml?
    I imagine many folks allow blank user from localhost.

    perhaps provide an batchfile or shell script to help speed up set-up.

    @echo off
    REM install.bat
    echo create the tables and then add a user 'test' with password 'test'

    echo wait for server to finish starting up before unpausing this batch file.
    start arianneServer.exe

    arianneClient.exe -u test -p test

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well, ALPHA 2 will be compiled on Release mode, but understand that Tech Preview releases are unstable and with debug purposes...

      The database name is not hardcoded... I think it is a param of accountmanager... I should check it.

      Well, that is up how do you configure it... arianne is multi OS, and Linux folks doesn't like empty user/pass...

      Yeah, one of my task is to create a program to totally automate the install process.

      Thanks you a lot for the report.



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