• luca

    luca - 2007-09-10

    Id like to understand exactly what's the current view, and what's the official view (if there is one) on training.

    One fact is, there is currently no rule that explicitly forbids training.

    However, lately i have been sensing an increasing.. lets call it discomfort towards training and players who practice it. I've been around for a while now and i can tell it's definitely been increasing.

    What actually puzzles me (a lot)is that this "hatred" comes from admins, coders, in short words from a few people that are powerful and valuable to this RPG; it doesnt seem to come from the players' base, for many of the players like to train and many others are just indifferent to it.

    Honestly, and this puzzles me even more, i sense bitterness coming from people that in the past used to train a whole lot. Hence i wonder, what's changed since then?

    No harsh feelings from my part, im just wondering the reason behind this change of heart; overall, im wondering what do you people think about training and if there are reasons or implications that i fail to see.

    (for the record i've been training a bit throughtout my ~2000 h stendhal "career", therefore building nice stats, little by little)

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      Ummm, when I added on the very begin the ATK and DEF XP, I expected it to be useful to raise it playing.
      Unfortunatelly on high levels ( Stendhal rules were designed to be no more than level 30 or so ) the only real effective way of getting better is to train.

      No problem with training on my side.

      But on the new RP that is to come "soon" I will try to design it so that training gives you no real advantage over others.

      Just my 2 cents

    • ending

      ending - 2008-01-24

      So now the problem has been solved?
      I don't like players become stronger through training, not by hitting creatures.

      I think the funnest thing in this game is adventure not training in town.

      • luca

        luca - 2008-02-01

        Of course i agree adventure is fun :) On the other hand, i think anybody should see for themselves, what is the best way for them to have fun, within the game rules of course.

    • Golandrinel

      Golandrinel - 2008-01-25

      In my humble opinion:

      Training does, and should, have a huge effect on any skill or attribute in life. However only experience can truly make you a master of any field.

      In game (or any RPG) terms training should be able to increase your stats but should have cieling level that training just can't take you beyond. There's only so many techniques etc etc .. When you get to master level you're creating your own techniques - through experience.


    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2008-01-31

      It would be easy to remove pvp training ability. I think at some point this may happen ... but .. FIRST ... we should (and will, if i have anything to do with it!) make a fair and controlled way players can train (which IS necessary) without feeling they are cheating.

      I have discussed over the ideas with a few players now, and they all like them:

      A training dojo (arena) where you pay a (small!) fee to enter.
      You go to a training partner - basically a chained up creature
      You tell an NPC to give the creature the right weapon for your skills (you need it to hurt you for you to gain attack)
      Also NPC makes creature appropriate def so you don't kill him/but you can hit him
      You start hitting and voila
      He will have high base hp and will auto heal himself regularly
      After T time in dojo it's time for you to be moved out, unless you left already
      You can go to dojo N times a week (maybe 1 a day say)
      Your friend might be in the next booth from you, you can talk to him as you train
      It is still your responsibility to eat and heal yourself.

      I really like this idea and the way I have laid it out it will not be at all hard to implement. It really does use existing features.

      Of course some may complain as there will now be a time limit (1-2 hours per day? more?) but I think the fun aspect will be good and it will be a relief to know that your training is not considered to be cheating.

      • Anonymous - 2008-01-31

        Sounds like a great idea! This can lead to a coliseum mode where you risk dying against an unknown amount and kind of beast for maybe a bonus training or prize!

      • luca

        luca - 2008-02-01

        I agree.

        as Ending points out, this may be a disadvantage to new players in comparison to those who have been able to enjoy the free PvP.

        However, if you see the big picture, you notice that new players have quick access to areas, creatures, features, and weapons that are largely better than the ones that were available to long time players/beta-testers. Also, they are likely to experiment less bugs than old players did, and we know that a bug can be extremely costly in terms of char progress.

        Maybe the time limit and the frequency limit with which one can access the dojo, could be somewhat relaxed, so that new players dont feel they are unfairly prevented from training; and the fees could be very cheap for low skill levels and very expensive for high skill levels (this could also work as a soft skill cap, since you will need to fund your training and you probably cant go for the big money drops if you have 300 base xp, no matter how high your stats are).

        Actually neither of these ideas i just posted seem very necessary to me, but i suppose they could sound fair to other people, new players especially. If so, they could be implemented.

        Anyway, i really like the idea of regulated training, if think it's a balanced way that would do very good to the RP and to the game experience overall.

    • ending

      ending - 2008-01-31

      It seems that will make a huge gap between players who already trained for a long time and never trained players (maybe they think it's cheating).

      How about give different atk&def exp in different level creatures?

      Just give an idea to balance the game.

    • will scott

      will scott - 2009-02-23

      i rember back in the day when karman healed any one for free and large players would just sit in the cave and hit wach other and i dident see the point of it until i hit lvl 150 and then what when the people who did all that traing where stronger than me not lvl but stats and it helped them go futher than me. so now its changed that stats are not that important but still the one resion i was training was becuse thares nothing to do. im at the lvl of where my mayor quest takes a few days to do (waiting on balrog and black death) so i trained in my free time but now sence the rules  of pvp have changed i cant so now im stuck sitting around in hell\kika just waiting for it too reapear not being able to do any thing productive in the game. i like to train it gave me some thing to do when every thing has been killed and when the rules changed i was realy looking farword to this dojo i saw other than that i have seen nothing twords it :( i dont mean to sound bad but i just dont have any tihng to do in the game that doesnt invole killing some thing.  i have the one mayor and the kindrith quest  and thats it on the nonkilling quests

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-02-23

      love puppet you know we're volunteers working on this in our free time. we can't do everything we need and want to all at once. if you want to learn java you could help code.

      • will scott

        will scott - 2009-02-25

        i know :( ive tryed too :P robocode is no longer fun

    • Lazarus Lead

      Lazarus Lead - 2009-06-10

      Why to forbid it it the partof the game.

      You know if Ussayan Bolt didn't train he wouldn't get the world record. :D



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