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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What will the Arianne graphics be?Pray say that they won't be 3d!3d graphics are cool and all,but I would be far than satisfied with a 2d game. To me, 3d games don't really look all that realistic,it's just first person and that's about it.I would rather have a game like Nexus TK(the graphics I mean) than Everquest any day. Another thing,the movie trailer is...not there..fix it..puh-leeze?PLEASE!?Again,

    2D Graphics,Sprites,Anime style=Very very very very goodx5 x6 of get it right?


    >Anime rules!x2!

    • Marek Onuszko

      Marek Onuszko - 2001-10-14



      First there will be 2 diffrent clients, 2D (topwiev) and 3D (first person).

      Later we will probably make 2D isometric, and 3D third person.

      So it's up to you which client would you like to download. You can use 2D, and maybe the guy you're talking to has 3D ? You don't know.
      All of them are supposed to be equal, no  adventages and disadventages. What does it mean ? Example:
      If you're using 2D topwiev, your character doesn't see anything behind him.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Amazing! I havent even seen the game and I am amazed. Ive heard some music. I am shocked at how good it is. This many people, however, is what shocks me further. Such an organization is to be commended. All these people working together for a greater cause. Truly you are a testament to the hope of human existance. It will be made known.
                             Sir Michael of the North

    • Anonymous - 2002-02-04

      yes, this is greaat... i cant believe how long this project has been around and it is still running strong, most people would just have been like oh, this is taking too long and quit doing it... its so good to have some people that arent half-hearted working on sucha  great development.. this game looks to be very promising and i think you will do a great job!!!



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