project description

  • Anonymous - 2002-04-20

    I suggest that you enhance the sourceforge project description to a length and content that is more appropriate this project's wealth and response. If you include terms for the base technical references, like e.g. "Crystal Space", you make sure that technically related people will visit this place.

    - Sven

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      You are right.

      Engine, SDL, SDL_net, MySQL, Worlds, Games, AI, Python...

    • Anonymous - 2002-04-22

      I would love to make a suggestion, Miguel. But I'm not very acquainted with the project details yet. If you send me a list of the important outward technical references and perhaphs the main construction attributes, methods and alike, I could make a suggestion for "time being" enhancement. :)

      Some things I can already read form the project homepage.

      - Sven



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