Arianne Logo or mascott?

  • Steve Ierodiaconou

    I was just wondering if maybe it was time to create a Logo or mascot for something for arianne, something identifiable. if u think about most projects they have a logo which when u see it u think "i recognise that". i mean right now i see, mozilla logo, firefox logo, tortoisecvs logo, msn logo etc etc.

    Thing is im not sure what we could choose that really makes sense for arianne. I remmember the eye but that was a bit random too.

    anyway, just hopeing to get some ideas going here

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      yeah, I think it would be a good idea.
      But I am out of ideas too.

    • Steve Ierodiaconou

      We have to identify the point of arianne and then find something that is related... i.e. Arianne is about:
      * Games
      * Internet
      * Servers
      * Role Playing (?) <- not really, its a framework for any games
      * Open Source
      * Public
      * Community
      * Portable

      hmm etc etc

      Now can we related stuff to that?

      • Ragnar-GD

        Ragnar-GD - 2005-04-05


        ...I have something here... I'll send photos to the team soon... perhaps that'll do... :-)

        Otherwise, it's the right idea, and the right time for that suggestion! :-)


    • Steve Ierodiaconou

      If we go for the usual, an animal with no particular reason to choose it (firefox?? , tortoise CVS?!) etc, here is a possible list which i dont know projects which use them:


      Basicly i thik a powerful animal makes more sense, gives an idea of stability and well... power!


      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        Arianne is the french name of the Greek Ariadna, the woman who helped Perseus ( or Teseus not sure ) to kill the minothaurus and exit the laberynth.

        So what about a minothaurus, half bull, half man...

        (Someone kicks me if I am saying something stupid)

    • midtocry

      midtocry - 2005-04-08

      Humanized animals as mascotts for software projects are popular. Why not the historical Ariadna in the shape of a bird (or lion) as logo?
      Hehe, would rather like to see a Greek princess than a sweaty half-bull. But this is only my taste :P



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