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    Don't stop Arianne. I'm from Fantasy Works and were going to use the Arianne in our Online RPG. Were going to edit it and make a brand new 2D client. If your going to quit Arianne at least contact me so we can talk.
    Were starting the RPG project soon (as soon as we raddle up some more C++'ers).
    mail me at

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      It's been a long time I don't visit the Arianne nuke. It was shocking reading the words "Project failure: Arianne is dead". I recently started a project at Sourceforge (digitalmaster, never got off paper ;-). I was really inspired by Arianne, I must admit even the music you guys composed is amongst my favorite songs, really (the main theme rulez) !!! I wanted to contribute, but Arianne being a too open group, maybe I would help ruining the project also ... very sad ... maybe you guys should consider some deserved vacation, try redesigning the framework n stuff ... 'cause it would be very nice meeting you and taking a dragon ride while discussing some new ideas for the game ;-)

      But it's always much better saying that than:
      "Project failure: Digitalmaster was born dead, no code, just some fucking UML and some bad snippets"

      Try thinking about it as a rebirth. You have started to code your visions, don't let them fade ...

      Ricardo "BUG!" Herrmann <>

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      read the news on the main site page, another one of the developers took charge.  It isn't dead



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