this will end up being like dawn.... DEAD

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    this game has no pictures and no trailers up. at least dawn did. but this will be just like it, dead! wanna know why? cuz all games that sound all godlike cant come true! they cant its just as i always say. somethin good is to good to be true

    • Marek Onuszko

      Marek Onuszko - 2001-10-28

      >this game has no pictures and no trailers up.

      Sooo ?
      I have almost complete collection of Arianne pics on my website. But beware, three pictures on the bottom of the page are from PlaneShift.

      >wanna know why? cuz all games that sound all >godlike cant come true!

      And by the way, have you ever heard about Apache, PGP, Linux, ALICE... ? "free" is the source of power.

      > they cant its just as i >always say. somethin >good is to good to be true

      All commercial games. Advertisments, nothing more.
      Only thing they (company) want is $$. We have another approach - we want to make really cool game, and later play it :-). The more work we put into Arianne, the more fun will we have.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is a difference.
      Arianne is Open Source, if we fail because of whatever reason, anyone outthere can take the leadership again and continue the project.

      Arianne is possible and I am doing my best to make it true, as I a group of more of 30 persons are doing their best to make Arianne true. But Arianne is Open Source, Free, and really ambitious, so you can't expect fast progress (due to lack of time) nor big objectives achieve (again to lack of time).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you guys so much as release alpha 2 where i can go around and fight - no building, no levelling, i will play it. And I will play my ass off until alpha 3 is released, and so on.

      Last time I came here it was 2000, and there was alpha 1 but no alpha 2.

      What have you been working on for the last 18 months?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        You know... hehehe... strange thing... we have real live, we have girlfriends, some of us are married and have childen... Some of us even have to work every day.

        How much did you pay for Arianne? Nothing.
        How much did you do for Arianne? Nothing.
        How do this speed the development? Nothing :-)

        ALPHA 2 will be released when done.

      • Brian Rowe

        Brian Rowe - 2002-01-19

        Well, since December of 2000, we have completely re-written the code.  We are now pretty close to being able to release ALPHA 2. 

        It will be able to do things that the old code base couldn't even dream of.  Of course, currently ALPHA 2 will only be an incremental step over the ALPHA 1 release.  But there were some ground breaking changes in the code that will allow some really cool things.

        If you would listen to the Arianne-general mailing list you would know what was going on....

        You will see that the developement of Arianne will increase speed, because the code base is more mature and therefore much easier to build upon. 

        All the scafolding is in place.  Now all that is left to do is build the building. 

        Pay attention to us and you'll be glad you did!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      aaah, stop whining u whus, why do u care if they make it or not. the less u'll say: "a, they won't make it" the better the chances they'll create it. and opensource has guts. and isn't is better to say: "guys u are doing a greate game, i really hope u'll create it, and i look forward to it". i really don't understand u



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