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    I was playing Stendhal a few days an it is a really funny and addictive game. Lastly is going very bad and don't know the cause. I think is because the server is going slow (yesterday I saw 30 sheeps). I propose to limit the sheeps to an owner and if the owner free the sheep it dies, this form there will be no more sheeps than players and a player won't buy 30 sheeps, free them, go dinner and then sell them. Another thinks I belive will be interesting:
    - A command lag or ping
    - In dungeon_001 map there is a square around 20,10 (moreless) that is not accessible and it has to be (a lot of players died here because can get throw this place)
    - When a monster move (specially a rat) and has done 90% of the move to a square if it changes his idea and want to move down (instead than the way it's moving) it do the move automatically, it has to begin from 0%.
    - The corpses problem
    -The GUI client don't print the last hit before the monster dead.

    (Sorry my English)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, server works well now and corpses can be moved :)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        komo se empieza ajugar a stendhal??????????????

        • oslsachem

          oslsachem - 2006-11-05

          Voy a asumir que tu Sistema Operativo es Windows.

          Antes que nada, necesitas tener Java Runtime Environment 1.5 o superior instalado. Para comprobarlo puedes ir a:


          Y fijarte en que el número de version sea igual o superior a 1.5

          Si tienes una version inferior (por ejemplo 1.4) o no tienes ninguna instalada puedes instalar la version más reciente yendo a:


          Para empezar a jugar hay dos formas de hacerlo:

          ** La más facil es hacerlo desde tu navegador web (una vez has empezado a jugar puedes cerrarlo si no quieres dejarlo abierto):

          Tienes que ir a:


          Y hacer click en un botón en la parte superior derecha que dice Play.
          Esto descargará el cliente del juego a una carpeta de tu ordenador y lo ejecutará automaticamente. Para hacerlo te pedirá permiso por razones de seguridad y debes hacer clic en aceptar.

          ** Una segunda forma de hacerlo (si la primera en esos momentos no funciona) es descargar directamente los archivos comprimidos en un fichero zip desde:


          Y descomprimirlos a una carpeta en tu ordenador.

          Para ejecutar el juego debes ir a esa carpeta (abriendo el explorador de archivos de Windows) y hacer doble click en el archivo "stendhal-0.55.jar".
          Si eso no funcionase, también puedes ejecutar el juego abriendo una ventana de comandos:
          Vas al menú Inicio -> Ejecutar... y en el cuadro de texto escribes "command" (sin las comillas). Cuando te aparezca la ventana de símbolo de comandos te mueves hasta la carpeta donde has descomprimido el juego, usando el comando "cd" y una vez allí tecleas "java -jar stendhal-0.55.jar"

          Al empezar, te aparecerá la ventana de login con un botón para identificarte como jugador ("Login to Stendhal") y con otro botón para crear una nueva cuenta de jugador, lo cual has de hacer siempre si es tu primera vez ("Create an account").

          Ahora lo mismo en inglés para los anglohablantes.
          Now the same in english for the english speakers.

          I'm going to assume that your Operative System is Windows.

          Before anything, you need to have Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or superior installed. To check this you can go to:


          And notice that the version number has to be equal or greater than 1.5

          If you have a lower version (e.g. 1.4) or you don't have any version installed at all you can install the most recent version at:


          There are two ways to begin to play:

          ** The easiest one is to do it from your web browser (once you've begun to play you can close it if you don't want to leave it open):

          You have to go to:


          And click on a button in the upper right part which is labelled as Play.
          This will download the game client into a folder in your computer and it will run it automatically. To do it, you will be asked, for security reasons, to click on accept.

          ** A second way to do it (if the first one doesn't work at those moments) is downloading directly the compressed files in a zip file from:


          And uncompress them in a folder in your computer.

          To run the game you must go to that folder (using the windows file explorer) and double click on the file named "stendhal-0.55.jar".
          If that didn't work, you can also run the game by opening a command window:
          Go to the Start menu -> Run... and inside the text box type "command" (without the quotation marks). When the command prompt window appears you can move to the folder where you have uncompressed the game by using the "cd" command and once there you can type "java -jar stendhal-0.55.jar"

          At the beginning, a login window will appear with a button for user's identification ("Login to Stendhal") and with another button to creat a new player's account, which you always have to do if this is your first time ("Create an account").



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