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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I read lots of stuffs in the site, but still didn't understand properly how to make my very own MMORPG using Arianne. I kind of understood the client-server thing, how to use the language but how do we make stunning 3d worlds filled with mosnter to kill and blah blah blah? I think that reading the source code of the Gladiators game that would be easier. Where can I download it? And, is it commented? If so would be great. Other thing I didn't saw anything about it is those things about password protected character for each player. If you could help me, I'll be really happy...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree, and I suggest Miguel to publish more polished zipped files..

      I downloaded both the client (ariannexp) and the server (marauroa) but they are fiddled with unnecessary files related to Mapacman and Gladiators games..

      The only thing a beginner (like me) would like to see is a polished archive containing only the files to include in, for example, a Dev C++ project. Nothing less, nothing more!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Yep, I do agree. It has been simple on the past to release the server with all the games but it becomes a little mess.

        We are on the process of changing the packaging of the game as a result of the release 0.99 of marauroa. We will split better the marauroa packages.

        I will work on a barebone project. Actually there is one for the server side, I will update it and export to make it work with client too. So we will include a simple file that is an empty client and server game.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You are looking for the same thing im looking for..

      Im one of the hundred of spare-time programmers wanting to code own MMORPG...

      I found this Arianne multiplayer system, the first thing I tought was "nice, now I just have to include Arianne libraries in my 3d engine, tuning something, and a base-MMORPG is here".

      Nope. The server is interfaced in python, the client is both C++ or python based.. what a mess, I have to learn python and even dont know if I will catch something from all of this...

      • Steve Ierodiaconou

        This project is currently dormant. The main problem is that all developers just disappeared and left poor Miguel on his own, and now he has other things in his life of course. If you want to use Arianne, either use what is already available or wait until more work can completed on the project. then Im sure Miguel will do his best to fix your issues.

        (one of the bastards who left the project)

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          No, really it is not dormant. It is just that i don't update the webpage. There is work being done on the shadows in the CVS and it should give results really soon. ( Mid January ).

          I keep working slower than previous year mainly because I have more real world work waiting for me.

          But trust me, project keeps moving.
          BTW I am not alone. Waldemar keeps comminting patches and modifications to marauroa.

          • Steve Ierodiaconou

            hi sorry thought you are dormant! but i know that the project is going slowly, i wish i had time to rejoin, help out at least with admin stuff but uni is very time consuming now. anyway, if u need i offer to help at least keep site upto date, make some screenshots every now and then and stuff.


            • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

              Don't worry! :)
              Arianne move slowly because I did an ulgy hard change on the code and that things take time... at least on Marauroa took around 4 months. Last big change that I did on Arianne took around 1 year :)

              I will write you if there is something to be done on Website.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Server is interfaced in Java and Python. You can choose any of them. The java code is simpler to debug, while the Python one is simpler to code.
        You can use Python in server as long as you don't write something complex with several loops one inside the other.

        The client is written in C++, so you will need create a C++ barebone of your game. I have written a Python wrapper because I wanted to try arianne using pygame. Python is perhaps slow ( too slow ) for the client to work on a real game, but allows a very simple, very fast development of the client.
        Anyway you can link arianne with almost anything for example Blitz.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      A question:

      is it possible, right now, to interface a open-spaces engine featuring terrain rendering with forests, houses and so on, with Arianne system, to get what we define a "base-MMORPG"?

      If the answer is ***YES***, I will try to implement an interface to Arianne client in Delphi (with miguel's help), in order to link Arianne with a GLScene environment.. then I will learn some Python for the rest.

      In this way I will take my first attemp in making a virtual 3d world!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Yes, it is.
        But with a simple world ( 500-1000 objects )

        On the 0.99 version of Marauroa the number of objects will be higher because we will create Zones ( alredy code... if only I have had time to test it ).

        Python is a helper, I think that with Delphi would be easier to work directly in delphi using the C functions calls in Arianne. But I have never done Delphi...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Delphi is my first and dear language :)
      Im very familiar with it, but i've never wrote a pascal ported function calls header.. I will ask help to other programmers out there.. When the conversion is accomplished, we will have several languages ready to work with Arianne multiplayer framework.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This may be off the subject but I am a server operator I have been looking for games to add to the site!!

      This may be what I am looking for if anyone is interested to add this game I just need some help to do so!!

      Then we can have a realiable server that works 24hrs 365 I have serveral servers also some on NT some on Linux

      So if someone is willing out there let me know

      • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

        No, it is not offtopic.
        But right now we are on the middle of a big change, and I think that we will spend at least Febraury until we have back a game.

        The old games are not playable because we would need to port back changes to the C wrapper, and I can't do it right now because I need to work on the main track.

      • Ragnar-GD

        Ragnar-GD - 2005-01-29

        We *are* interested. I would like to set up the proto-games MacPacman and Arianne Gladiator. I'll try to set them up on my machines at home (either on W2K, Debian or, preferredly, Adamantix, but it much depends on usability). This wouldn't be *the* implementation, but this could be an educative attempt for me. Are you still interested?

        • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

          mapacman will work with the released Arianne version, and to get a playable gladiators game you should use something around marauroa 0.3x

          I don't have time to mantain them because it means to back port all the changes in the Java source to C and python. I hope to be able to recover them sometime in the future.

          • Ragnar-GD

            Ragnar-GD - 2005-01-29

            Then it will be MacPacman. Thanks for teh advice.

            P.S.: How about dropping either the mailing lists, or this forums?

            • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

              Ummm, we can work with both of them.
              ML seems to be totally dead right now, but it is very useful for announces.

              • Ragnar-GD

                Ragnar-GD - 2005-01-30

                Rrrright. And I think the developer-ML would be quite right, *if* it were used, as Dev-Talk isn't really meant for the public.
                Still, the "general" discussion, which is meant to be public (like Arianne General), can be done here as well.

                I'll simply wait, monitor both, and that's it. Hey, a stale ML doesn't hurt, either, at worst it's looking as if the project were stale to onlookers or people who subscribed to it.

                Just my thoughts.

                • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

                  I see the idea.

                  I will try to see a way to centralize it. Really mailing lists looks abandoned, but it is a better way of communicating when it is requiered than forums.

                  BTW Dev talk in arianne is public or it is not talk :)

                  • Ragnar-GD

                    Ragnar-GD - 2005-01-30

                    Hihi, yes... :-)

                    ...perhaps I'll join the dev-crew for some time. I need Gladiator running on M 0.41 - and I won't bother you with this, as Zoning is more Important for the framework right now, so I'll have to do it "myself" (that is, I have to hire some brainforce).

                    I have more important things on my mind for you, but that'll come by private mail.



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