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  • Golandrinel

    Golandrinel - 2007-12-11

    5 years ago I set about writing a really open ended, simple roleplaying game and I dubbed it S6S. I stuck all of the pdfs etc up on an i8.com hosting site ... s6s.i8.com Anyways today I was looking at an RPG site and, amazingly, I see S6S listed there and a quick google search saw it appear on lodas of rpg list sites...

    Is this game really based on my rules engine??? Really?????

    I'd be happy to comment on anything that you might need help on from a plot/concept point of view ... 'm a VB programmer by trade and am learning C# so might not be able to help out much with code.

    Elton - aka Golandrinel, hiding for the past 5 years...

    • Hendrik Brummermann

      No, it is not.

    • oslsachem

      oslsachem - 2007-12-15

      Here it is explained what is going to be the new RP system for Stendhal 0.70:


    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      Hi Elton,

      Well, no the new RP is not based in S6S although it printed it and read it several times to give it a real try. At the end I had to give up because your system although very simple and great for pen and paper, does not scale for a mmorpg. We have here player that are already level 400 when I designed our system ( old one ) for no more than level 30.

      I wrote a new RP system from scratch thinking about what I wanted to get from it and then I simplified it to give a Final fantasy like numbers.

      Oslsachem pointed you to the latest wiki version of the RP that unfortunatelly is not in sync with the simplified code.

      Right now we are involved on a process of stabilizing the server for after a port to the new server software version, but on the future it would be great to have your help on making numbers to tune up the RP system.

      Best regards,



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