Nice idea but...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It is so unimagineably hard to install, that I don't feel it's worth it.

    In case anyone's wondering, I'm running Ubuntu Linux, 5.1.


    • Steve Ierodiaconou

      1) what is hard to install? Marauroa I assume as you dont need to install Stendhal

      2)  where did u get stuck? what was hard? Why were the docs not sufficient? help us improve the process.


      • imaek

        imaek - 2005-05-28

        1)  Well, first off, I was having a hard time figuring out what to install.  From the resources located online, I thought I had to install Marauroa in order to install Stendhal.  I was having a hard time installing the whole thing - Apache Ant required about 100 different things, each of which required 100 different things.

        2) I got stuck at installing Apache Ant, which comes before the actual installation of Marauroa.  Maybe you should move toward creating your own version of ant which could be included? I don't know anything about either Ant or the workings of this project, so this could be a completely ridiculous thing to say, but it would be easier just to have to download one thing, and install the same thing.
        The documentation-
        I used which would have been somewhat useful had I known where to go.  I tried first going to the Marauroa: Build page ( ), but that, of course, told me to install Ant, which is a much bigger problem than you'd expect.  Then, I thought I'd do some reading on how to install Stendhal while Ant was downloading, so I took a look at the Stendhal User Manual ( l ) which is... incomplete.

        Anyways, I feel that any steps that could be taken out would help tremendously - be it including ant/j-connector in the downloaded package, or anything else.

        I would also be willing to help this project in any way/write documentation for this project if needed.

        Thanks, imaek.
        (p.s. - I forgot I had an account.  I can be contacted via email at or via MSN at the same address. AIM: imaekphp. YAH: imaekphp).

        • Steve Ierodiaconou

          hi thanks for the feedback
          1) I think the website makes it clear that you only need to do a Javawebstart to play stendhal but maybe the docs that comes in the package available for download doesnt make it clear. where did u get the impression marauroa was needed? can u please clarify

          2) I will ask Miguel about thia and hopefully get the docs updated at the Wiki.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I run perfectly Stendhal on Ubuntu Horay.
      see my topic in this forum:



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