rule to avoid the use of famous people names

  • oslsachem

    oslsachem - 2009-07-12

    kezman has reported that the use of famous people names is forbidden in other games and suggests adding that as a new rule.

    • Katie Russell

      Katie Russell - 2009-07-13

      Interesting; what's their justification? Certainly I find the recent tributes to the King of Pop seen a game a little disturbing as they may not exactly be ''tributes''; but then I myself have made a character with the name of a famous person (when he won a major sporting event, and he is British, I was briefly patriotic and wanted to make a sign) Certainly I can see that it would reduce the occurrence of morbid tributes but at what cost; the admin will have to exercise the rule and that is just more work; also stendhal is supposed to be 'download and go'  hence not needing email address registration etc - we can't expect them to read the rules in advance. forbidding it directly in code seems impossible; how to keep a list of all 'famous people' there. (unless we use the same code as used for wikipedian :P)

    • Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin

      I think that appart of offensive names we shouldn't rule how players want to be named.
      Just 2 € cents



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