#209 [Stendhal] refactor Vulcanus and Baldemar quests


StuffForVulcanus could use ItemCollection as in quests like HerbsForCarmen, MixtureForOrtiv, CrwonForTheWannabeKing.

The quest slots have the format

where n1 is the number of items of the first thing required. So old states would need to be converted in the update converter.
The player must bring things in the correct order because the quest code cant cope with ti otherwise, I'd imagine we can simply drop this requirement. (I don't like dropping requirements normally as I believe it's part of design but I remember I pointed this out limitation when testing it first, as it was a bug and then the 'order' idea was added to the design.)

Another limitation is that there's no intermediate recorded step for having brought all the items but not killed the giant yet (please see the quest history as then you'll see exactly what I mean)

I'd like it refactored because I really find that code hard to work with for things like adding missing items to the quest history - or at very least some standard methods in the test. - but changing to use ItemCollection brings more of our quests to use standard code which is better.

I have one concern - length of the quest slot. If it gets too long it cant be stored when the player logs out.I think Vulcanus would be okay but Baldemar really asks for a lot of items and if we change to ItemCollection then the new storage is like
item1=n1;item2=n2; etc

and I'm worried it could get too long ... so - thoughts please!


  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2011-01-03

    mithril bar=20;obsidian=1;diamond=1;emerald=5;carbuncle=10;sapphire=10;black shield=1;magic plate shield=1;gold bar=10;iron=20;black pearl=10;shuriken=20;marbles=15;snowglobe=1

    is 177 characters long (I made that by hand though from looking at the quest so I don't promise it's 100% right or anything)



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