#5746 Semos Mountain n_e2 to Ados Mountain n_w2 Screen Tranisition Quirk

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Hit upon this today with a group of four. Believe the game figured it was just going down the vertical positions of the screen but, it ended up dumping one of us a level below the mountain.

Hopefully the screen shots will make it more clear. See how lalwphotography is put below the cliff when he was above it before transitioning?

I would think this means he'd have to take the long way back up but no just exiting the screen again would put him on top of Semos Mountain again. It's very easy to replicate with enough people.

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  • soniccuz

    soniccuz - 2013-10-06

    before transition.

    It's confirmed you can go up the mountain without needing to got through the cave! :D You don't even need another person. Just stand at 0_ados_mountain_n_w2 at (0,43) an you'll transition to
    0_semos_mountain_n_e2 at (127,41)! You do need someone to glitch back down the mountain though. :)

    Can we keep it, can we keep it?

    Last edit: soniccuz 2013-10-06
  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2013-10-20
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  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2013-10-20

    Fixed in CVS now. Thank you for the report.



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