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#5406 Soup put on table instead of given to player

Rich McGrew

Not sure if this should be a bug report or feature request, but I'll explain the problem:

People can get soup by doing a quest, then the soup is set on a table by the NPC, and it's a special quest reward, so it can't be picked up by someone else and put in their inventory... however there has been abuse by players moving around the soup of other players, by picking it up off the table and setting it underneath themselves so that the player who earned the soup can't get it.

At first, I thought one solution might be to not allow players to move around a special quest reward for a different player... however, this would not prevent people from standing on special quest rewards for other players. Disallowing people from moving special quest rewards would allow someone to fill the community chest with special quest reward items that nobody else can remove, or do other annoying things like that. And disallowing people from standing on top of special quest rewards for someone else would make it easy for someone to use special quest rewards to trap someone somewhere or something like that. So those are NOT solutions... people should still be allowed to move around special quest rewards for other people and stand on them, because disallowing either of those would make things worse. Also, disallowing someone from moving special quest rewards for someone else would make it impossible to get your own soup off the table if someone else's soup is also on the table in the same spot and theirs is on top of yours. So let's just leave those things enabled and just have a simple solution that is only for the Soup quest and doesn't change or affect anything else in the game besides that one quest.

OK, so what is the solution then? Easy. Have the soup go into the player's inventory directly once they do the quest for it, or if they don't have enough space in their inventory, you could either have the soup set where the player is standing, or the NPC for the Soup quest could tell the player to come back when they have room in their inventory.

The same issue might occur in the Fish Soup quest, I don't remember if the fish soup is set on a table or put into inventory, but it should go into inventory too, so that other players do not set it underneath themselves to keep whoever earned it from using it. So the same change done to the Soup quest when you get the reward would also be done for the Fish Soup quest.

Again, I wasn't sure whether this should be considered a bug report or a feature request, and I'm sorry if I put it in the wrong section. But, just to make sure you understand the issue, Player A does the soup quest, the NPC sets Player A's soup on the table, and Player B, standing next to the soup for Player A, sets it underneath themselves, and then Player A doesn't have access to the soup that is their quest reward, and after 10 minutes their soup vanishes. And also Player B, standing on Player A's soup, is right next to the place where all the soup gets put by the NPC, and since they are standing on an item, they cannot be pushed (a separate issue that I have already filed either a feature request or bug report on, don't remember which).

Another player described this problem to me; it did not happen to my character since I am not as much into soup, and I don't know who was involved, but I hope I've described it well enough. Soup is really important to some players because of how much healing it can do, so having someone else take away your soup really annoys people (didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine). I told him I'd write the bug report for him since he isn't as much into the whole bug report thing as me, and probably doesn't have a Sourceforge account either, I'm not sure, didn't ask him, sorry if I ramble on too much when I write things, I am just very verbose, I know it's a problem, I'm working on it.


  • Hendrik Brummermann

    This works as designed.

    I don't think steeling is a large issue here, but you can rent a sign in game to warn players about thefts.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2012-01-31

    It's a good idea to think about the real world game design too :) If you asked in a restaurant for soup and they put the open bowl in your bag you'd be a bit confused :P

    So as the previous commenter said it's actually a deliberate design

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix


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