#5376 Clothing changes color when stuff is put on your head

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Rich McGrew

I know of 2 NPCs that can put stuff on your head. Santa can put a Santa hat on your head for Christmas, and Fidorea in Ados lets you borrow a mask to put on your head. In both cases, your clothing (on the part of your body below the head) resets to the default color and if you have a custom color set for it, your custom color is deactivated. In the case of Fidorea's masks, your custom color for your outfit DOES return after the mask expires, but in the case of Santa's hat, since Santa hats don't expire, your custom color for the outfit actually seems to be lost in the case of Santa.

This is a similar bug to the fixed one involving outfits that would change hair color, but this bug is different from that one (which was fixed).

- the player yetisyny (I finally registered here at sourceforge so I won't post anything anonymously anymore, I'll post from this account)



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