#5243 [Stendhal] Items with persistent description are not transla


Some items/creatures show as translated and others not.

While playing with my old character, if I add a newly spawned item to my bag (that I didn't have already) and exit the game, the stored item gets translated when I log back to the game later.

So it would seem that perhaps the items suffered a change of structure/format at some point during development. And now two different formats for items are coexisting: the old one which doesn't get translated and the current one which does.

A fact that may contradict this supposition is that I have a buckler and a bardiche which are supposedly old (and thus should use the old format) and which get translated anyway.

Perhaps the format change actually happened before I acquired them and so they are already in the new format? I can't tell.


  • Hendrik Brummermann

    It seems like there are old items in the stendhalgame.org database which have the persistentflag set althought it was not required for them.

  • Hendrik Brummermann

    • summary: not all items descriptions show as translated --> [Stendhal] Items with persistent description are not transla
  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2011-08-11

    Description string is persistent for all items. The always persistent attributes are: "infostring", "description", "bound" and "undroppableondeath". I don't know if there's actual need for description to be persistent

  • oslsachem

    oslsachem - 2011-08-11

    >> Description string is persistent for all items.

    I vaguely remember descriptions of many items being changed at some point to make them more lyrical.
    As description strings are persistent, there coexist now items which, being the same, have different descriptions.

    For example:
    item: ham
    Old description: You see a piece of ham. Stats are (HP: 80).
    New description: You see a juicy ham. Stats are (HP: 80).

    item: minor potion
    Old description:You see a bottle of minor potion. Stats are (HP: 50).
    New description:You see a minor potion. It's not much but may save you in a tight spot. Stats are (HP: 50).

    However, there is a contradiction:
    item: meat
    Old description:You see a piece of meat. Stats are (HP: 60).
    New description:You see a piece of meat. Stats are (HP: 60).

    Could it be that one these meat descriptions has leading or trailing whitespace which is trimmed when is displayed in the client and so both descriptions are actually different?

    Apparently, buckler and bardiche descriptions weren't subject to changes and so they get translated?



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