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#4799 Special screen size for netbook monitors

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And hi again :)
I would like to suggest a special screen size for netbooks. If you start Stendhal on a 7" monitor you cannot see the chatlog at all and have no possibility to shrink the window size to see it. You should at least see the chatlog and a small part of the gamescreen when you open Stendhal on such little screens, so that you can at least chat with other players. Maybe the screen layout should automatically change to these setting when you have a small monitor. The screensize should take care of the task bar so that the game window doesn't overlap with it.

- Storyteller


  • Hendrik Brummermann explains how to get the screen size.

    I think the splitter must stay within the screen size minus title bar and operatiing system pannel on program start

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2010-09-02

    Moved to bugs. The game should be playable on netbooks.

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2012-07-25

    The client has been keeping the size within the screen limits for a while. The logic works for the height very well, but I'd prefer some feedback about handling the width (I think the minimap may become unusable on really tiny screens) before doing anything to that.

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2012-11-24

    Fixed, as far as I'm concerned, and nobody has made any complaints

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2012-11-24
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