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Using 0.69 (auto-updated to 0.70 within the game) I played within a day or so of the .70 upgrade. At one point, another player (bobi) with a much lower level came to me and told me to attack him, and I said 'no'. He then attacked me, and I told him to stop. When he did not, I attacked him back, taking about 1/2 of his hit points in a few hits before he moved away. As he was leaving the area, he was attacked by a pack of bears, and killed. The death message reported "bobi was killed by a black bear", however I at the same time got the tutorial about player killing, including the line that I was now marked with the red skull of a player killer. I had no such icon on my character.

I returned to town, and talked to Io, who made no mention of the red skull at all (only wanted to know if I wanted to go over the telepathy lessons again). I talked to one of the healers, and they said I had a bad aura and they would not heal me. Leaving that character (Rocinante) logged in, I connected with another character and verified that I did not have the red skull as viewed from that account either. I tried logging out and logging in again, but still could not be healed by any of the healers.

I mentioned this to tigertoes in IRC, and we both logged in; she looked and saw nothing out of the ordinary about my account, and yet I still could not be healed. When I logged in the following morning, healing worked fine, so I assumed it was some kind of timeout issue - Kym informed me it was not, and I should file a bug.

As a possibly separate issue, should a player be marked or considered a player killer if they do not do the final blow which kills the character? On one hand, if I bleed someone down to 5hp, I might as well have killed them, but on the other hand if I only do 5hp out of 500 and a black death finishes them off, I shouldn't be responsible for that.


  • Astrid Sawatzky

    Astrid Sawatzky - 2008-10-26
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  • Astrid Sawatzky

    Astrid Sawatzky - 2008-10-26

    thanks for your report.

    you were not healed because you are no new player and you had a player versus player action.
    regardless if the other was killed or not . you are not healed then for about 2 hours.

    kind regards

  • Laguz

    Laguz - 2009-01-30

    I had exact the same problem 2 days ago. That message:
    "Tutorial: You have been marked with the red skull of a player killer. You may find that people are wary of you now. To get it removed, you may speak to Io Flotto in Semos temple."
    should only reach me when i really killed that player and not when he was killed by a monster.

  • Astrid Sawatzky

    Astrid Sawatzky - 2009-02-22

    mkvii please open a new report .


    if you see a bug that really is the same bug you have you can always change the state to open again. it is hard to go through the closed bugs just to see if someone posted a bug report on a different issue in there :-)



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