#3690 elvish quest problems - parser? spaces?


starting quest from the beginning:
[23:26] <superkym> hi

[23:26] <Lupos> Greetings, traveller. I see that you have come far to be here. I am interested in anyone who has encountered our kin, the green elves

[23:26] <superkym> elves

[23:26] <Lupos> Yes, those that dwell in the forest of Nalwor. They guard their secrets closely, you know.

[23:26] <superkym> secrets

[23:26] <Lupos> They won't share knowledge of how to create the green armor, shields and the like. You would call them elvish items. I wonder if a traveller like you could bring me any?

[23:26] <superkym> yes

[23:26] <Lupos> The secrets of the green elves shall be ours at last! Bring me all elvish equipment you can find, I'll reward you well!

[23:26] <superkym> hi

[23:26] <Lupos> Hello! I hope your search for elvish equipment is going well?

[23:26] <superkym> yes

[23:26] <Lupos> Felicitations! What equipment did you pillage?

[23:26] <superkym> elvish armor

[23:26] <Lupos> Excellent work. Is there more that you plundered?

[23:26] <superkym> elvish legs

[23:26] <Lupos> You've already brought that elvish item to me.

(no, i didn't!)
[elvish_armor=;elvish armor]


  • Martin Fuchs

    Martin Fuchs - 2008-03-01
    • assigned_to: nobody --> martinfuchs
  • Martin Fuchs

    Martin Fuchs - 2008-03-02
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Martin Fuchs

    Martin Fuchs - 2008-03-02

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    OK, thanks for the error report.
    Problem is now fixed in CVS.



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