#3391 new houses in ados/collision tiles


There you go :))) :

int_ados_house_50 at (5,2)
Here you can walk over a plant, and is that correct, that you can walk behind bookcase ?

int_ados_house_51 at
Upstairs you can't use the toillet, as you can do in House 50 ... (but it's sooo important *gg*)

int_ados_house_63 at (16,14) walking over plant
int_ados_house_63 at (2,14) tabledance ? :)))
int_ados_house_63 at (4,2) walking behind the highboard ?

int_ados_house_64 at (17,15) walking behind the kittchen

int_ados_house_65 at (2,18) GFX not found
int_ados_house_65 at (4,21) GFX not found (but i use the current available version)
int_ados_house_65 at (2,2) walking over plant and the right side too

int_ados_house_65 at (14,2) that looks ok, but here it looks strange (17,2)
i think you should able to walk on the left side of the table, to come behind the table. also you cant walk on the right side below the reck.

int_ados_house_66 at (3,14) i asked allready Teiv, and he told me, that this is difficult, but i report it anyway, may there is a chance to realise it though; here you can't walk directly behind the couch, which looks strange :). I know it has to be, because you can sit on the couch. But is there a possibility to reduce the 'deepness' of that collision, so that you can come closer behind the couch ? (i noticed that several times in the new houses, so if you can fix it, i'll check the other houses again in that case.)

int_ados_house_68 at (20,9) walking behind the highboard ? and on left hand you cant walk behind the kitchen, wich is/ends on same height



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    • summary: new houses in ados/collision tiles/ @juri82 --> new houses in ados/collision tiles
  • Teiv

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