#3203 Stendhal:Possible to change zone into closed square->trapped


For some reason it's possible to get trapped inside a garden in semos_mine_n_w2. it's got collisions like:

|-----| >Next zone
| | >Next zone
|-----| >Next zone *
and the right hand edge is at edge of zone.
If you walk through from the zone next to it at the point * you end up in the garden. I'll fix with collisions in the other zone but it should be looked at for path finding reasons. The player shouldn't be allowed to change zone into a place he is trapped then can't get out.

Test in current server by going to -1_semos_mine_nw 3 87 and walk left, then try 3 89 and 3 90 etc


  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2007-07-06

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    Originator: YES

    Oh dear my picture didn't come out right, i'll try again.
    ******* >Next zone
    *.....* >Next zone
    ******* >Next zone *
    where ...... aren't collisions and *** are.
    As a temp workaround i moved that rectangle over by 1 so it's not next to the zone boundary, so in cvs server you cannot see this bug there.

  • Katie Russell

    Katie Russell - 2007-07-06
    • summary: Stendhal: kobold city split makes weird jump at one stage --> Stendhal:Possible to change zone into closed square->trapped
  • yoriy

    yoriy - 2009-12-24

    dont know if this feature still here, but maybe we have not let to change zone if there is collision on other side.

  • Kimmo Rundelin

    Kimmo Rundelin - 2009-12-28

    The bug exists still. I do not think just preventing passing the map border is a good idea, because the player can't know why she can not cross. I think that writing a tool that checks all the map borders for anomalies would be a better solution.



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