#1376 Marauroa: Log sizes and Database size


> BTW, a few other remarks : Your log file is way too
huge... 446M for
>one day of activity with no player in the server will crash
my computer
>in just a few weeks...
> You are adding an entry in the stat table every
minutes, and you do not
>seem to ever remove one... It is more acceptable that
the log file, but
>it still creates a huge table which you will never used as
such... You
>should do something like having a day stat, week stat,
month stat, year
>stat, and adding one line per minute in the day stat, but
discarding the
>old one every day to add a new line on the day stat etc.
That would
>allow you to have stat for as long as you wish, but not
overcrowd the
>database. I don't think that in a year you will want to
look at the
>daily stat of today.


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    I have been looking at log4j and it shouldn't be complex ( nor
    long ) to use it as log system instead of my handcraft log

    May you study how to add it?

    The database size problem will be fixed later, I have to replace
    actual statistics system.

    If you don't want the task simply assign it back to me please.

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    By the adition of log4j this problem is fixed.
    The database issue is... well... different.
    I will add something to disable database statistics information.

    Matthias fixed it.

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