#3 Support for IPv6


Well, what is there state more precisely?

It would be good if the software could handle IPv6-URLs
and connetions!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I would also request an IPv6 support!

  • Ant Bryan

    Ant Bryan - 2007-10-28

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    I know this is in the TODO, but saw this debian wishlist: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=aria2;dist=unstable#_0_6_4

    Package: aria2
    Version: 0.11.3-1
    Severity: wishlist

    wifi.pps.jussieu.fr is a double-stack host:

    wifi.pps.jussieu.fr has address
    wifi.pps.jussieu.fr has IPv6 address 2001:660:3301:8061:211:43ff:fed3:7cd5

    I'm currently on a pure IPv6 host, one that only has IPv6 connectivity.
    After failing to access the IPv4 address, aria2c gives up:

    2007-10-28 18:45:45 ERROR - exception: Failed to connect to the host, cause: Network is unreachable

    I haven't done any serious work on tracking this down, but it looks
    like this is due to the lack of any form of IPv6 support in aria2.
    I haven't checked whether multihomed IPv4 hosts work correctly.

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2008-02-25

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    I've rewritten SocketCore class as a protocol family independent way.
    But currently aria2 uses c-ares for name resolution and it doesn't provide protocol family independent API. aria2 stays ipv4-only application right now.
    Now that 0.13.0 is release candidate state, full ipv6 support is not included in it.
    But I think ipv6 is important, expect its support in the future release.

  • Ant Bryan

    Ant Bryan - 2008-05-23

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    comment from Debian bug tracker:

    While updating my Debian installation libc-ares was just pulled in.
    This was described as a fork of libares, with one of the main features
    described being IPv6 support.
    Your package seems to already contain support for building against
    c-ares, so I would recommend to change the build-dependency to
    libc-ares-dev. (This will leave only zephyr-clients left using libares.)
    I don't know if you might need additional changes to aria2 itself though
    to get full ipv6-support and be able to close this bug entirely.

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2008-05-24

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    c-ares provides ipv6 support, but you have to do name resolution in IPv6 explicitly, that means before you do name resolution, you have to know the host is IPv6 only or not. I don't like that way.
    I saw a patch for ares_getaddrinfo which corresponds to getaddrinfo function, which provides name resolution in a protocol independent way. As far as I know, it is not yet included in the main tree.

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2012-09-30

    aria2 now supports IPv6. Let's close this issue.

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2012-09-30
    • status: open --> closed
    • milestone: --> Undecided

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