#171 Seed multiple torrents from the same file


Bittorrent allows the same file to be distributed through several torrent files, different tracker list and piece size for example.

At the moment, aria2 doesn't seem to allow seeding these different torrents at the same time:
Exception: [RequestGroup.cc:222] File foobar2000_v1.0.exe is being downloaded by other command.


  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2010-02-11

    Current implementation doesn't allow to download torrent which includes same local paths or same info hash.

    When piece size is different, then info hash is also different. In this case and when seeding only, I think you can use symbolic links to tell aria2 that they are different local paths.
    Is there any reason to seed torrent in different piece sizes?

    BTW, out option doesn't work for torrent download.

  • tujikawa

    tujikawa - 2010-02-11

    Yes, it doesn't work on windows.

    I think concentrating on most popular torrent is better, because it makes swarm big and more seeders(including you), which means more chances to share data between clients.
    If you want to upload more data, you can adjust seed ratio using --seed-ratio option.


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