#139 Libproxy support



I think it could be very helpful if aria could gain libproxy support. aria2c already has support for proxy connection, which is great.
Just the 'what' proxy to use is much to restricted.

In our office for example we have Proxy Autoconfiguration enabled (pac file). This requires javascript parsers and as such, most applications do not offer it (bad).

Libproxy IS the solution for you:
- Instead of trying to find the proxy you should use (http, socks), you ask libproxy, which has a stable API, which proxy to use. Libproxy takes care of reading the corresponding configurations (gnome, kde, envvar, config file), in case of pac parsing needed hands it out to a javascript engine (currently webkit and mozjs) and returns an array of proxies back to the requesting application.

Your project can gain immediately all the support for proxy querying (attention: the scope of libproxy is proxy configuration, not proxy connection).

For further information feel free to check http://libproxy.googlecode.com or also feel free to contact us in irc://irc.freenode.net/#libproxy


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is not the solution as is not working on Windows

  • Dominique Leuenberger

    Is not the solution as is not working on Windows

    a) might not be 'THE' solution, but still better than what we have nowadays (no pac support at all)
    b) libproxy is being ported to Windows.


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