max-overall-download-limit / daemon question

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  • trisooma

    trisooma - 2009-06-28

    Is the 'max-overall-download-limit' applied when I run multiple instances?
    or do I need to use the daemon option to enforce this?

    How do I start aria2c as a daemon /without/ starting a download?
    If started as a daemon what happens if a file/meta/torr is completely downloaded?

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-06-28

      'max-overall-download-limit' is only applied to single aria2c process.

      Use --enable-xml-rpc and -D option with no URI argument to start aria2c. You can add/remove downloads via XML-RPC interface. See for more details.

      If you don't set --enable-xml-rpc, aria2 exits when all downloads completed. If --enable-xml-rpc is set, aria2 doesn't exit after that.


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