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cygwin package

Help [OLD]
  • Sebastien WILLEMIJNS


    FYI cygwin package is 0.13 ;) i do not know how to maintain it....

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2008-12-20

      You can find Cygwin port maintainer in aria2-0.13.1+1.README file included in cgywin dist.

      We're better to mail the maintainer when 1.1.0 is released.

      • Sebastien WILLEMIJNS

        I think it is better to create a small newsletter when you publish a stable version... hmmmm i've noticed you love to emergently republish after X days a new version aria X.X.X+1 hihiihhihihihihihihhihihihihihihihihihihihihi i love to joke isn't it ? ;) but my first idea stays serious...

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2008-12-20

      If the maintainer subscribes the news of aria2, either or, they can be notified when I release the new package.
      Especially the news of is syndicated to lots of web sites.
      But, it is more informative to send direct e-mail to the users as you said.


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