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More Control Over HTTP Downloads

  • Mohsen

    Mohsen - 2009-05-15


    I was just wondering if you could add some of the options already in wget that are really useful.

    Just a hint of the things I miss are the following:

    1. HTTP Timeout; used in high latency networks to say that it has to wait less or more to set the connection as dead.

    2. Number of retries; so that it doesn't give up and continue on trying to download the file(s) again.

    3. Follow links on a page; I use the apache index file to update my files from one server to another and if files are added wget usually gets the updated list and downloads the files on the list.

    Thanks again for all the time and effort
    Best of luck

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-05-16
      1. HTTP Timeout;

      See --connect-timeout and --timeout option.

      1. Number of retries

      See --max-tries option.

      1. Follow links on a page

      Currently I have no plan to add this feature.
      You can easily make a script to retrieve links from the index page in LL language like ruby, python and fed the list to aria2.


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