aria2c binaries for Opensolaris x86 2009.6

  • Marco Di Pietro

    Marco Di Pietro - 2009-07-08

    Hi all, i have tried to compile aria2c 1.4.1 on opensolaris x86, i had to change two line of code but now i have precompiled tar for opensolaris 2009.6. Is it possible to place it in the download section for those who are interested? Thanks
    bye all

    • Marco Di Pietro

      Marco Di Pietro - 2009-07-08

      yes i know but... i don't know how to do :) there are many developer communities but i don't know how to post an app to the attention of opensolaris community... anyway it works ;) and i love it. The code made by the creator was so good.. i made only a few changes... I'll try to build a package with pkgmk later...

    • Marco Di Pietro

      Marco Di Pietro - 2009-07-08

      ok patch added : )
      for the binary... now i still don't know how to make a self install package but i have a .tar with the binary file inside. I'll send you that and as soon as i will understand how to make packages for solaris i will send it to you.

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2009-07-08

      that's great! maybe the author will include the binaries on here.

      does opensolaris have repositories like linux?

      if so, & aria2 could be included there, it would be an even easier way for opensolaris people to get it.

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-07-08

      You can upload a patch(you mentioned you changed 2lines of code) at patch section

      I'm willing to upload precompiled tar ball to the file section if you send it to me :)


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