Picking Adapter (eth0, eth1, eth1:1, eth1:2).

  • ZeroVoid

    ZeroVoid - 2009-04-21

    Is there a way to have aria use a specific adapter for an connection to make connections?

    Different IP's bound to same adapter, or different connections entirely?

    If not, it would be nice to have that function.

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-04-22

      I don't understand these multi ip adapter stuff, but is it up to operating system or kernel to selecting interface?
      Firefox and wget don't have this option.

    • ZeroVoid

      ZeroVoid - 2009-04-23

      Curl has support for it.

         --interface <name>
                Perform an operation using a specified interface. You can enter interface name, IP address or host name. An example could look like:
                 curl --interface eth0:1 http://www.netscape.com/
                If this option is used several times, the last one will be used.

      In wget it is

             When making client TCP/IP connections, bind to ADDRESS on the local machine.  ADDRESS may be specified as a hostname or IP address.  This
             option can be useful if your machine is bound to multiple IPs.

      This is useful for many reasons.

      Say my server has multiple ip's bound to it. (Whether multiple virtual adapters eth0:1 eth0:2 , physical adapters eth1, VPN's vnet2, or Virtual Machines, VMNET3)

      If I wanted aria to pull from a certain ip or adapter I would be able to select it.

      Say I am using torrents, but I don't want my IP to be my machines main IP but another IP or VPN IP.

      The list could go on.

    • ZeroVoid

      ZeroVoid - 2009-04-23

      (note the IP's are ip's you have on your machine and access to, they can't be whatever you want)

    • ZeroVoid

      ZeroVoid - 2009-04-23

      Other example uses:

      High availability network and transfer backbone.

      You don't tie up bandwidth on certain adapters because they need to be reliable and fast.

      You have another network just for large or segmented transfers that last longer periods of time.

      Next example:

      I am connected to different physical paths to the internet.
      One connects to one network tier (say an underseas line to one part of the world)

      Another connects to one of the local backbones for the country your in.

      You have servers your wanting to download from across the world (say nightly backups), you want your box to pull directly to that network (they are both internet networks, not intranets, but they could very well be)

      It would be a waste of round trip or more costly (bw per set of gb) on underseas line, when you have a free connection to net locally.

      You would want to be able to pick least cost. (speed/latency and cost)

      • Sebastien WILLEMIJNS

        use of a kind of function is very technical... and is used on datacenters or equivalent redudant networks ;)

        I think it is not urgent...

    • ZeroVoid

      ZeroVoid - 2009-04-23

      routing tables can only do so much and are not flexible per instance.

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-04-24

      This feature is very technical and advanced. It is interesting that it is available in wget and curl. They only accept new feature that is absolutely necessary.
      Also I find it in rtorrent. Please submit feature request.

    • Rodolfo Hermans

      Rodolfo Hermans - 2009-05-07

      It actually would be very nice if each adapter could have a quota for bandwidth use. Imagine something like:


      • Sebastien WILLEMIJNS

        IMHO no ! use a backgroung process to manage your stuf f !!!
        aria2c must stay a CORE download manager,..

        • tujikawa

          tujikawa - 2009-05-08

          Thanks for comments. I also agree with sebone, managing quota for network interfaces may be too much work for download manager software. We already have --max-download-limit and --max-upload-limit options and they do the job for most of the time.

        • Phasenoise

          Phasenoise - 2009-05-08

          I have to agree with sebone on this one, aria2 is a seriously great piece of software and it should stay true to it's purpose rather than bloating out to cover everything.


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