17,000 downloads of aria2 from SF

Ant Bryan
  • Ant Bryan

    Ant Bryan - 2007-05-13

    Very nice! Especially since I bet most people use the binaries from their distributions instead of compiling it themselves.

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2007-05-14

      Some stable distros is shipped with older version binary of aria2, like debian etch.
      I guess the users of such distros build their own binary from the source.

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2007-10-11

      26,000+ downloads & counting...

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2007-10-17

      looking at the past 2 months, aria2 has been in the top 100 projects at SF about half of the time. it reached #41, and was in the top 50 for a bit.

      any ideas on making the project grow? I try to mention it on as many forums as possible. now that the Windows version is so accessible, that opens it up to a larger crowd.

      there are still a lot of distributions that could use binaries, so spread the word! and there's lots of languages it could still be translated into.

      • Sebastien WILLEMIJNS

        purpose our project to others, purpose again, again purpose again... ;)

        someone in the french thread forum on mandrivausers.com spoken about
        "cooker devs" for mandriva forums... IMHO he is right ! best way is dev forums so my english level is too light ;)

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2008-05-01

      close to 42,000 source downloads in a little over 2 years!

      I wonder how many binary downloads from distributions?

      • tujikawa

        tujikawa - 2008-05-05

        I also wonder about binary package downloads.
        The only distro I know that shows the download count is debian.

        • Ant Bryan

          Ant Bryan - 2008-05-05

          where can you find the download count for debian?

          • tujikawa

            tujikawa - 2008-05-05


            It is rather 'install base' rather than 'download count',
            but it tells popularity of aria2.
            It is calculated based on user reports and it can be disabled, so it doesn't tell whole number.

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2008-09-10

      over 52,000 download. quite a feat!

      • tujikawa

        tujikawa - 2008-09-12

        We constantly gain around 100 downloads per day these days. 500 days to go for 100,000 downloads ;)

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2008-11-05

      Sept & especially Oct were record months for downloads.

      Oct 2008 4,026 6.3 GB
      Sep 2008 3,237 6.1 GB
      Aug 2008 2,651 4.4 GB

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2008-11-06

      Yes! In Sep&Oct, aria2 was reviewed at some sites and mandriva 2009.0 was released.
      The popularity of aria2 has increased gradually.

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2009-03-02

      75,000 downloads, but who's counting? :)

      Feb was quite busy for aria2. highest total pages ever, nearly 80,000. download, tracker issues opened & closed, & posts were also quite high.

      1.2.0 version must have helped. & Tatsuhiro has been sidetracked on other, more important project, that was finally released :)


      • Ant Bryan

        Ant Bryan - 2009-04-11

        a month & 10 days later, 80,000 downloads!

        at this rate, by about september 100k will be crossed.

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-03-02

      osx and win32 binary builds helps the download count.

      Actually, Feb is 3rd anniversary of aria2 project:)
      According to the download page, the first version of aria2(0.1.0) was released on Feb 17, 2006.
      At that time, I wouldn't think that the project have lived 3 years.

      • Ant Bryan

        Ant Bryan - 2009-03-02

        ah yes, I didn't realize that!

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very mature 3 year old!

        the amount of people who use it on win & os X are very impressive. I'd think people on more GUI-inclined OS would be less likely to use a command line app.

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-04-11

      100K downloads will be monumental mark!

      2007 May 17,000
      2008 May 42,000
      2009 Apr 80,000

      This is a really good pace!

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-07-20

      I just noticed 91K downloads!

      • Ant Bryan

        Ant Bryan - 2009-07-22

        ok, I think we need to have a contest to see who can guess closest to when aria2 passes 100K downloads :)


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