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  • Fawzib Rojas

    Fawzib Rojas - 2009-06-03

    Anyone has a repository for 1.4? The one in Ubuntu is version 1.1

    • tujikawa

      tujikawa - 2009-06-03

      once 1.4 is packaged in debian sid, then I think it can be used in ubuntu.

      I first heard PPA. Is the ubuntu package of libmetalink also PPA?

      FYI, 1.4 fixes 1 debian bug, which is not a type of bug that affects end-users though.

      • Ant Bryan

        Ant Bryan - 2009-06-03

        yes, Bram packaged libmetalink & it's at his PPA:

        I'm guessing it's easy to rebuild packages?

        I updated the Debian bug

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2009-07-22

      1.4.1 is in debian testing/unstable, but I see a new TODO section at

      * has version 1.5.0-1 of this package, you should consider sponsoring its upload.
      * The package should be updated to follow the last version of Debian Policy (Standards-Version 3.8.2 instead of 3.8.1).
      * A new upstream version is available: 1.5.0, you should consider packaging it.

      I wonder what needs to be done. I don't remember this before, I thought Patrick always just updated it.

      • tujikawa

        tujikawa - 2009-07-23

        I don't know how debian package is updated, but I guess once it is approved in, then it is uploaded to main repository pool?

    • Ant Bryan

      Ant Bryan - 2009-06-03

      it would be nice to have 1.4.x in Debian (once any bugs have been squashed :) then that can be imported into Ubuntu for future versions.

      maybe someone could setup a PPA or add aria2 to their existing one? having up to date versions of aria2 for older Ubuntu would be handy.


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