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Argumentative 0.3 released

The latest release of Argumentative sees many improvements in argument visualisation since the 0.2 release. Drop shadows, curved and styled line work, make the graphics more attractive.

The R Notation view offers a more traditional and compact view of an argument.

The essay export feature has the added benefit of confirming if your map makes sense and flows well. Other sample XSL files perform functions such as producing plain text and a basic web page. XSLT is the primary way to extent the output from Argumentative.

Comments allow you to give background information to an argument and any of the elements that make it up. See the "Haycorns" file for an example.

The online help has been improved and is context sensitive (press F1). Copy and Paste retain all information (not just text) and work between applications. A mind map from Free Mind or Mind Manager can be copied to Argumentative. For users of the excellent Rationale© software you may now load you old Reason!able© files and export them to Rationale©.

0.3 marks the 36th release of Argumentative and its 1000th download.

0.4 will see new views and ways of editing arguments

Argumentative is software for manipulating Argument Maps - the structural and visual representation of arguments. For more information visit

Posted by John Hartley 2007-01-24

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