Tom Morris - 2006-03-16

The current converter seems to convert from a user level (M1) model into a metamodel level (M2) model.  Is this intentional?  Is it likely to change?

To explain in a little more detail, a class [M1] modeled in ArgoUML is of type (UmlClass in Java) [M2] which is itself of type org.omg.mof.model.Class [M3] (javax.jmi.model.MofClass)

If I understand the Eclipse structure correctly, the equivalents there are org.eclipse.uml2.Class [M2] and org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass [M3].  The converter creates model elements of type EClass [M3] from elements of type UmlClass [M2] which seems to be bumping them up one layer in the architecture.