How does Ares work?

  • radelaide

    HI, is Ares like a torrent downloader? I know its P2P, but does that mean you download a file from one individual, or are you downloading parts from various individuals to create a whole file.

  • Ryoga Hibiki
    Ryoga Hibiki

    Ares has two sections..
    one is a P2P downloader where files are shared directly by users, if only one user has that file you will download the whole file from him.. if a bunch of users have the very same file then the file is divided and downloaded from all those users to complete the whole file...

    the second section of ares is a bittorrent client.. and it acts exactly the same as any other bittorrent client.

  • Works exactly the same way as Vuze using peer to peer individually or as a group.
    Source: CEO at we do a lot of IT

  • jack Johnson
    jack Johnson

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