#251 Adding Weekly To Do

David Smith


I've played around with the app, looking really nice. I have a VB project that does something similar, has worked for last 5 years or so, but now with windows 7 and all its looking tired.

I dont have the time to write it all again, this app, fits the bill wonderfully, however, I need to add a Weekly To Do part to it, for example, on Monday at 7:30pm start with group x and run backup y, then say on Tuesday start at 9pm and run group a with backup b

I can write a small windows app to do this, and then launch it by shell or something similar but it would look and feel so much better if it was part of the system itself.

I've never done anything through sourceforge or open source before and though well maybe i can add that bit in for you - or do you only do the coding yourselves ?

If you would rather not open up the source code, I am happy to write the windows app and pass it over, just think it would be better all in.

Kindest regards

Dave - dave@hestor.com


  • aventin

    aventin - 2012-04-11

    Hi Dave

    Just to understand : why don t you use the built in windows scheduker to run areca in command line ?

  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2012-04-12


    Thanks for coming back to me.

    We have over the years found many problems with the windows scheduler, it running when it feels like it, or not as the case maybe. Also other people can chop and change this, we want to remotely log on to the computer, configure the backups and then leave.

    Our backup application sends us a text alert if there are any problems during the backup process otherwise we simply get a log emailed.




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