#238 RAID'd and encrypted backups with no need for passwords


I have published a backup scheme which creates RAID'd offsite backups which are also one-time-pad encrypted (so no need for passwords).

Triplyx writes data to a set of three storage devices in such a way that if any one of them is lost or stolen, it cannot be used to recover the data. Any two storage devices can then be brought together to recover the data. It is designed for use with offsite backups.

The data stream is divided in to alternating "stripes", D1 and D2. The one time pad data streams are A and B.

These datastreams are XOR'd with each other. For instance, D1^A means that each byte of D1 is XOR'd with the corresponding byte of A.

Volume 1 contains alternating stripes of D1^A then B
Volume 2 contains alternating stripes of D2^B then A
Volume 3 contains alternating stripes of D1^D2^A then D1^D2^B

My working and unit-tested code is published in the "Triplyx" Sourceforge project under LGPL 3.0.

Currently it is a simple command-line tool, but it would be good to incorporate it in to a tool like Areca.


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