#237 set windows archive bit after backup

Gary Dale

I'm not sure if this is already implemented or not, but it's a useful feature. I'm currently looking for a backup solution that is easy to use but that also uses VSS and clears the archive bit in Windows. I note that VSS is a long-standing request with several people being assigned to it over the years. The other item however I can't find any mention of.

The issue I'm having is a package used by one of my clients nags the user to make a backup if one hasn't been done recently. It apparently uses the archive bit to determine if the database has been backed up.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 no longer uses NTbackup. The new Windows backup is a dumbed down program that doesn't clear the archive bit. It's one saving grace is that it does use VSS so it frequently succeeds in making a backup.

So I'd really like to see VSS working but also need confirmation that the program clears the archive bit on Windows files it backs up.


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