FTP non-ASCII file names (UTF-8) support

  • Charbel Choueiri

    I'm running ArecaBackup Version 7.1.6 under Windows 7 64bit and backing up to
    Windows Server 2003 64bit via FileZilla FTP Server.

    When running backup I get the following error on files with non-ASCII
    characters within the file name:

    10-02-25 01:57 - WARNING - An error occurred while storing A/Questionnaire à
    l’intention des directeurs d’école (mai 7, 2007).doc (Socket closed). Retrying
    (attempt 1 of 5) ...
    10-02-25 01:57 - ERROR - RemoteFileOutputStream.close() - Unable to complete
    the remote data transfert
    com.myJava.file.driver.remote.ftp.FTPConnectionException: Error trying to
    complete pending FTP instructions - got the following response from server :
    550 can't access file.
    at com.myJava.file.driver.remote.ftp.FTPProxy.completePendingCommand(FTPProxy.
    at com.myJava.file.driver.remote.RemoteFileOutputStream.close(RemoteFileOutput
    at java.io.FilterOutputStream.close(Unknown Source)
    at com.myJava.file.EventOutputStream.close(EventOutputStream.java:45)
    at javax.crypto.CipherOutputStream.close(DashoA13*..)
    at com.myJava.file.archive.zip64.DeflaterOutputStream.close(DeflaterOutputStre
    at com.application.areca.impl.IncrementalDirectoryMedium.storeFileInArchive(In
    at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium$1.run(Abstra
    at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium.doAndRetry(A
    at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium.store(Abstra
    at com.application.areca.AbstractTarget.processBackup(AbstractTarget.java:340)
    at com.application.areca.launcher.gui.Application$9.runCommand(Application.jav
    at com.application.areca.launcher.gui.Application$ProcessRunner.run(Applicatio
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    At first I thought it was the French characters à & é but later I found that
    it was ’ character which is not the standard quote but rather another
    character outside the ASCII range: HTML character of ’

    I downloaded ArecaBackup source code, set it up under eclipse and started
    debugging. It seems to all be correct up to the point where it calls a
    function inside org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient class. So I downloaded
    the source from apache and added it to eclipse and debugged through that. At
    first I thought it was a bug inside org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient till
    I noticed that the default control encoding is ISO-8859-1 which is set within

    At this point it was easy to fix the problem.

    Within com.myJava.file.driver.remote.file.FTPProxy inside the function
    connect() add the following line after "this.client = new..." has been


    This will set the FTP encoding to UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1

    I would recommend adding this as an option within the FTP settings GUI. It
    would make sense to make it default but some FTP server do not support UTF-8
    command encoding.

    Hope this was helpful to anyone with the same issue.

    PS: I love ArecaBackup.

  • brandeau anthony

    I have the same problem but I m not able to download source and modify it and
    generate a new exe

    is it a new version with correction?

    thanks in advance

  • aventin

    aventin - 2010-03-12

    @charbelchoueiri : thanks for pointing out (and investigating) this problem
    ... I'll add the fix in the next version of Areca
    @abrandeau : the next version will probably be available within the next 2

    Best regards

  • Cedric

    Cedric - 2010-06-02

    was this fix included in the latest version (7.1.7) ?
    I don't see any option in the FTP settings GUI to change the encoding ....

  • aventin

    aventin - 2010-06-04

    Hi and many thanks to Charbel for reporting the problem and the appropriate
    I've just integrated it into Areca ... it will be delivered with the next
    version (7.1.8)


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