#440 Problem with rights on multi-user LTSP setup



I'm using Areca version 7.2.8 on a multi-user LTSP Ubuntu setup. So multiple users are working at the same time on the server. They all installed areca locally in their own home folder. They did a full back-up one day. Some days later they wanted to check their back-up and have a look at their logical view. But only for one person this logical view was visible, for the others, the window was blank.

I looked at the log and there was some Java io Exception, concerning /tmp/areca/etc... I appears that the first person made that areca directory, while the others just have r-x rights. So they couldn't write in that directory.

Workaround: I changed the rights of /tmp/areca so that the 'group' and 'others' have full rights as well (namely rwx). I don't know of the consequences of this workaround, but it seemed to work. So they all had their logical view again.

Real solution: maybe instead of /tmp/areca/... /tmp/dir per user/areca??


  • Mattias Campe

    Mattias Campe - 2013-09-25


    I rechecked with Areca version 7.3.7 and this bug still seems to be present.

  • Mattias Campe

    Mattias Campe - 2013-09-25

    BTW: this bug is connected with bug #503 (https://sourceforge.net/p/areca/bugs/503/)

  • aventin

    aventin - 2013-11-28


    A fix for this issue will be available in v7.4
    Best regards

  • aventin

    aventin - 2013-12-07
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> areca-3.11
  • aventin

    aventin - 2013-12-07

    hi release 7.4 is available


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