#14 Running Status error

version 3.0

When running status is used for 2 byte messages, there is an error and a MIDI message is sent only on every second incoming byte i.e. I press Program Change Up on my controller and only every second incoming byte (remember that Program CHange is a 2-bytes message) is processed. This is the same for AterTouchChannel (2 bytes also). I haven't checked 3 bytes messages as my controller doesn't use rs for them, but you might want to check that logic too.


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    Anonymous - 2012-12-23

    I have checked and it works fine for 3-byte messages. Hence, CC messages appear to be working fine. EXCEPT: if only one 2 byte message is received, the routine is in an "altered state" and will ignore the third byte on future 3-byte message. For example, I press PC once and then turn a knob that sends CC (3-byte) and the third byte is not sent. This happens until a full (no rs) message is sent, or a second PC (or other 2-byte) message is sent. I suspect that some flag is not reset properly but I just can't find it in the code.

  • Francois BEST

    Francois BEST - 2014-04-19
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